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With over 50 different units at a player's disposal, Cossacks has one of the largest number of different units in the RTS genre. The units in Cossacks are separated into 4 categories: infantry, cavalry, navy, and artillery. They are separated into even more categories: ranged infantry, melee infantry, ranged cavalry, melee cavalry, war ships, artillery, and misc. units. Each unit in cossacks serves a different and very important purpose, whether it is to cut down retreating foes or to act as front line troops. These widely varied unit purposes forces a player to use combined arms, without it he/she will be easily defeated. Every unit in the game has a "counter unit" or disadvantage, so that no one unit can rule the battlefield.

Note: [AoW] = Art of War Expansion Pack

The section is being filled as we learn more about Cossacks. If you wish to contribute to this section, please contact Sharpe Novel Reader.


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