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8/10 MGON Review
"If you have enjoyed strategy games like Age of Empires, but now want something with even more meat to it, saunter up to the buffet as Cossacks is a seriously chunky meal. "
7.5/10 IGN PC
"Cossacks, for all of its depth of units, technologies and countries is actually quite accessible to the inexperienced gamer. A very comprehensive HTML-based encyclopedia is available offline that provides detail in both historical reference and gameplay strategies. There is also a tutorial campaign available that covers most every facet of gameplay, but is presented in a manner that allows you to easily skip about and play or replay any part at any time. A lot of North American game companies could learn something from this. "
N/A EuroGames
"Cossacks is an excellent strategy game which is sadly somewhat marred by its overly difficult campaigns and unimpressive enemy AI. The single battle and random skirmish modes should prove entertaining for less experienced gamers though, and the campaigns will certainly challenge even real-time strategy veterans, even if they were a bit too hard at times for my tastes. "
4.5/5 PC HotGames
"Yeah, and it was one bloody good time as well. Cossacks is the perfect example of how you can get caught up in a game without really thinking about it. "
78/100 GameSpy
"Cossacks is an excellent example of what an RTS should be, and a good playing experience overall. It's also almost exactly like Age of Empires II with a facelift and a few new perks. It fails to really innovate in any area; instead offering a few new perks and a few things that'll have you saying, "That's kind of cool!" That should not be a reason NOT to get the game, though. This is a good RTS game and should see a lot of play."

The Art of War Expansion Pack

7.5/10 GameAxis Review
"Overall Cossacks: Art of War is a true gem and is highly recommended for Cossack fans. I would also recommend war gamers to give Cossacks: European War a second look. "
7.5/10 IGN PC
"Cossacks: The Art of War isn't the best expansion I've ever played, but it fulfills most of its promises by expanding the amount of content in your game. Don't look to find anything really new or amazingly different about the game. But if you're just looking for some more Cossacks to play, then this will be perfect for your needs. "
7/10 BarrysWorld
"the developers have listened to the voices and criticisms after the first instalment and went about addressing them; they haven`t gone overboard in changing vast amounts of its gameplay, which might not be able to appeal to the contingent who gave the original a miss, but to be honest why should they aim to radically change it, as this is most likely going to appeal to those who bought and enjoyed the original? If it isn`t broke - and it certainly wasn`t then don`t fix it. "
83/100 GameSpy
"Cossacks: The Art of War is a welcome expansion for a game that really shouldn't be overlooked. "
83/100 TotalGames
"The Art of War doesn't set out to drastically change the nature of the original game. There isn't any need to do so, and the purpose of this package is merely to add plenty of nice things on to an already solid product. And add it does."


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