The period of history covered by the game, Cossacks: European Wars, is one of the most fascinating and influential in history. It was not only Europe that was affected by the events of 1500-1799, but the entire world. That is why this period in history interests so many, that is why these articles have been written for your enjoyment.

Angel Socrateius has provided many of the game articles, which are excellent. Angel Reckless Rodent and myself have compiled the articles pertaining to the history of the civilizations found in the game. We have put a great deal of time and effort into the writing and production of these articles.

These civilization overviews are just that, overviews. They are not an all-encompassing, in-depth, Oxford essay on the history of a particular nation. They were written with simplicity, consiceness, and ease of reading in mind. They are meant to give you a taste of the civilization’s history from 1500-1799. Certain names and events and places you may notice are not mentioned, do not feel that they have been forgotten. I am more aware than most would guess as to what has been left in and left out of these articles, but I remind you again, that these were written with simplicity and briefness in mind. One could easily write an entire book, five hundred pages, on the Thirty Years’ War or the history of the Kingdom of Hungary from 1500-1799. However, writing a book would not only be a laborous overkill, it would be silly quite frankly. Angel Reckless Rodent and I have had the task of slicing and dicing these events, reducing volumes of information into some brief, yet informative paragraphs. I hope you will appreciate this.

I hope you learn and enjoy these articles.

Cherub Marechal

Historical Overviews