Frequently Asked Questions: Pikeman Rushing

Q: What is the Pikeman Rush?

A: The Pikeman Rush is a quick attack against the enemy using a lot of Pikemen.

Q: Who is it effective against?

A: Usually the computer on Hard difficulty and below, and maybe some human opponents.

Q: So where do I begin?

A: Well, I start out by building my Town Hall and Mill. Then, while I am waiting for the wheat to grow, I build a blacksmith and then two mines (a gold mine and then an iron mine). By then the wheat has grown, and I put about 10 peasants on food, 8 on mining (putting 4 peasants in each mine), and a few on wood and stone. After I have 600 food I build 5 peasants and assign them to wood and stone. I assign the next 5 peasants to build a barracks, and immediately start building Pikemen. If I am facing the computer than in a little while I see a small enemy “scouting force”. But this force is small and easily dealt with. When I get enough resources I build another barracks.

Q: How many Pikemen do I need?

A: It depends on your opponent. A computer opponent on normal difficulty needs about 80-90 Pikemen, while an opponent on hard difficulty needs many, many more.

Q: How would this work? Pikemen can’t destroy buildings.

A: Ah, but they can capture most of them! And if you capture your opponents Town Halls and kill all of his villagers, you win.

Q: Help! The enemy has a tower!

A: Then stay away from it. Keep your troops separated and hopefully your units will kill the enemy units quick enough to defeat him.

Q: My attack failed. What do I do now?

A: Then you are probably going to be counter-attacked. Build a lot of Pikemen. Build some musketeers and mercenaries too. And hopefully you damaged the enemy’s economy enough that his attack won’t be too powerful.

Q: Is that the only Pikeman rush?

A: NO WAY! The greatest thing about this attack is it has so many variations. You could attack at a different time (my attack is actually a late attack), build a different number of Pikemen, build some mercenaries to accompany the Pikemen, there are almost endless possibilities. Remember the guide I told you about is only one version.

Q: Help! I’m being Pikeman rushed!

A: Get your villagers out of there and build a Barracks or a Diplomacy Center on the other side if your town. Build a lot of Pikemen or mercenaries. If you’re using Pikemen, you could also put a couple of musketeers into the defense.

Compiled by Sharpe Novel Reader