FAQ: Hot Keys


F12Brings up a menu
MShrinks/Enlarges Minimap
IToggle Game Information pane
UToggle Object Information pane
QRotate between different map views (normal, and various
impassable area views)
OToggle Transparency for buildings
DelDelete Selected object
PausePause game
DIncrease Speed of game (Once it’s reached the maximum speed, it’ll “wrap-around” to the slowest speed, and continue to advance up to the fastest speed)
ENTEREnter password


CTRL+ASelect all land units
CTRL+SSelect all ships
CTRL+BSelect all structures
CTRL+ZSelect a unit first before using this hotkey. Pressing this hotkey will select all units of same type as the selected one.
Double Click on unitSelect all units of the same type within the screen
CTRL+ClickSets the garrison point for the current selected building
CTRL+1 to 9Group units to number
1 to 9Select grouped units
SPACECenter on selected unit
CTRL+PShow all idle presants
CTRL+MShow all partially filled mines
Shift-select unitAdd new units to the current selection of units
Shift-ClickSets waypoints for the selected units


Selected game objects (including CTRL+A, CTRL+S, CTRL+B) & click on the game object icon in the menuSelect all objects of this type
Selected game objects (including CTRL+A, CTRL+S, CTRL+B) & shift-click on the game object icon on the menuDeselect all objects of this type
Selected unit & A+click on a place for the unit to go toSelected units go to the destination point attacking all the enemies they meet on the way.