Cossacks Heaven Staff

Angel ET FLAVIUS- Site Director
ET FLAVIUS has worked with GSC on the English version of Cossacks, as well as assisting in the design of some scenarios for the retail version of Cossacks.

Angel Spineman – Downloads Director
Runs everything associated with the downloads section.

Angel Sharpe novel reader – Content Contributor
“I first came across Cossacks Heaven in September 2001 whilst browsing the net. I instantly fell in love with what I saw and gradualy became a part of the cossacks community. I was hired by ET FLAVIUS for my FAQ which stands proud in the general discussions forum of this site. I spend a lot of my time helping other play cossacks and I moderate the Cossacks Heaven pub where I have had many great times “

Cherub Marechal – Historian
“I am proud to be a member of the Cossacks Heaven staff. I have worked off and on at Cossacks Heaven for some time. I am a big fan of the Cossacks game series and I beta tested American Conquest. So far my main job here is writing history articles, speaking of which, I am working on several. I love feedback concerning my articles so feel free to email me at any time and you are guaranteed a response within twenty-four hours. I am currently enrolled at the University of Wisconsin, Eau Claire, in the United States, earning a baccalaureate degree in History.”

Cherub Gaiseric – Content Contributor
“It all began in early 2001, when I heard of this upcoming game, Cossacks: European Wars, from Gamespot. Their preview, which mentioned great battles involving thousands of units onscreen, unlike any RTS I had ever played before, sounded impressive. I downloaded the demo and was duly impressed by the epic battles and scale of the game. Naturally, when the full version came out I rushed out and bought it, giving myself access to 11 more nations and all their unique units and attributes.

Cossacks EW was a great game, but I needed some help with strategy and tactics. In April-May 2001 I discovered HeavenGames, but visited only AOKH for a while until I was delighted to discover that HG also had a Cossacks fansite, Cossacks Heaven. I began visiting in June 2001, and became a member on July 10, 2001, posting in the forums under the name Elite_Pandur.

CH was a great resource, and when I had finished going through all of it, I followed their excellent links and discussed strategy, shared war stories and goofed off in the forums. We were a small, tightly-knit group, but we had loads of fun, particularly in The Pub, which we followed to HG Main (The Hall) and back.

The story of me becoming Cherub is a long one, and to cut it short, in late September 2002 a respected figure in the cossacks community recommended me to ET FLAVIUS and after writing an article or two I was hired.”