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  Buildings: Miscellaneous buildings


Cost: 50 Wood, 50 Stone
Hit points:
Special Ability: Allows 15 unit habitation
Value: 2.50

Dwellings are needed to build when a player reaches the unit population limit that town halls allow. If a player does not build any dwellings in this situation, he/she will not be able to train any more units. If this happens, a nation will virtually stagnate, making it easy prey for another nation.


Cost: 100 Wood, 50 Stone, 640 Iron
Hit points:
Special Ability: Researches farming and military technologies
Value: 5.00

The blacksmith does not research very many technologies, but the technologies available to be researched are extremely helpful. Perhaps the 2 most important technologies to research are manufacture agriculture sundry and forge harnesses for horses. Agriculture sundry greatly improves your farming, while forge harnesses allows a player to train cavalry units fast enough to mass produce them.


Cost: 1,350 Wood, 1,000 Stone
Hit points:
Special Ability: Researches technologies
Value: 5.00

The academy has an enormous amount of technologies that can be researched. There are technologies for every aspect of your nation: agriculture, navy, gunpowder, artillery, muskets, buildings, armor, and economy. Without an academy, a nation is almost guaranteed to be defeated, since so many vital technologies can be researched at this building.


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