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  Buildings: Military buildings

17th Century Barracks

Cost: 100 Wood, 300 Gold, 100 Stone
Hit points:
Special Ability: Trains 17th Century Infantry units, researches 17th Century infantry technologies
Value: 5.00

The 17th Century Barracks is the main military unit building in the 17th Century. They train the core of most armies, the 17th Century Pikeman. Along with the pikeman, they also train musketeers, drummers, and officers, allowing the 17th Century battacks to train more types of units than any other in the 17th Century. To improve the units they train, these barracks can also research infantry technologies, increasing a particular infantry unit's attack and defense.

18th Century Barracks

Cost: 1,700 Wood, 12,500 Gold, 2,950 Stone
Hit points:
Special Ability: Trains 18th Century Infantry Units
Value: 5.00

The 18th Century barracks trains even more units than the 17th Century barracks does. It trains this great number of units very quickly, much more quickly than their 17th Century counterpart. Though the 18th Century barracks' build time takes much, much longer than the 17th Century barracks, as well as being very expensive. Though, The high training speed does make up for these downsides. Just like their 17th Century cousins, 18th Century barracks can research technologies to improve their infantry units.


Cost: 6,500 Wood, 700 Gold, 100 Stone
Hit points:
Special Ability: Trains Cavalry Units, researches cavalry unit technologies
Value: 5.00

The stable is a somewhat irregular military building. It is not used much in the early periods of the game, due to the high time it takes for a cavalry unit to be trained, along with the fact that there are not many cavalry units to train in the 17th Century. But by the time a player reaches the 18th Century, the stable is used very much. This is due to the fact that usually forge harnesses for horses has been researched, decreasing the time it takes for cavalry units to be trained by 4 times. Also when a player reaches the 18th Century, the stable gives a much larger number of types of units available to be trained. But cavalry units still train somewhat slowly, and they generally aren't the core of the 18th Century army.

Artillery Depot

Cost: 350 Wood, 1,000 Stone, 1,400 Iron
Hit points:
Special Ability: Builds artillery units, Researches artillery unit technologies
Value: 5.00

Artillery depots build all of Cossacks' artillery units. These units pack an extremely potent punch, and can survive several beatings. A near point blank shot from a cannon can drop an entire formation of units. Because of this attack strength, artillery units also are excellent units to use in conducting a seige. But even with this great attack power, artillery units reload very slowly. Artillery units also initially build very slowly and expensively, which makes it hard for players to mass produce these units in the early stages of the game. But this problem is aided somewhat for howitzesr and cannon by technologies being researched in the artillery depot, decreasing their cost and build time.

Diplomatic Center

Cost: 4,900 Wood, 1,700 Stone
Hit points:
Special Ability: Purchases mercenaries
Value: 5.00

Diplomatic centers are excellent buildings when a player needs to make a large army very quickly. These buildings purchase mercenaries much faster than a player can train the same units. But mercenaries are much weaker to attack than native units. A player may also purchase mercenaries that he/she cannot train in his/her nation, giving him/her an advantage over his/her enemy. Mercenaries cost gold, and must be continously paid gold, so a player must have a stock of gold already in his/her coffers.


Cost: 100 Wood, 100 STone, 50 Iron
Hit points:
Special Ability: Trains Chaplains
Value: 5.00

Cathedrals only train chaplains. Even though they are only able to train chaplains, they still are very important in the game. Chaplains can heal units, making a player's near-death army as strong as a newly trained army.


Cost: 1,700 Wood, 1,100 STone, 500 Iron
Hit points:
Special Ability: Builds ships
Value: 5.00

Used militarily, shipyards are the only building that is able to build warships. Power in the seas obtained by warships gives a player an enormous advantage. He/she can land his/her troops anywhere on the shore of an enemy, while the enemy cannot. Sea power also allows a player to create a fishing fleet, giving him/her a great advantage, as boats gather food very quickly. Without the use of shipyards/warships on a water map, a player is almost guaranteed destruction


Cost: 120 Wood, 180 Gold, 120 Stone
Hit points:
Cannonball Ranged Attack: 1000
Armament: 360° mounted cannons
625 Gold (ps. in mine/1000 units), 3 Iron (per shot), 13 coal (per shot)
Special Ability: Fires cannonballs, researches tower technologies
Value: 5.00

Towers are powerfully defended and armed with cannon. These cannons have an extremely powerful and potent attack, which can kill almost any unit in the game with one shot. Towers also have a high number of hitpoints, and are aided in holding large areas of land with their 360 degree firing ranged cannons. Towers, when strategically placed, can tear apart armies. Players can improve their towers by researching technologies. These technologies greatly increase the fire rate of towers, giving them even more power. Though, towers build dirt slow, and cost quite a bit of gold to service. Towers are superb defensive buildings, due to their cannon firing power and high hitpoints.



Cost: 5 Wood
Hit points:
Special Ability: Acts as a barrier
Value: 0.01

Paling walls are useful when a player knows of an army approaching, but does not have the time to build stone walls. Quickly built, these walls are rather fragile. They can hold off the enemy long enough to allow the proper forces to be assimilated to defeat, but cannot hold off the enemy indefinately. In fact, the high build speed of paling means that they can quickly be built in front of a player's army right before a battle, holding off the enemy's troops while the player's musketeer fire at will.



Cost: 51 Stone
Hit points:
Special Ability: Acts as a barrier
Value: 0.01

Walls are long building, but incredibly strong, defensive structures. They can hold off whole armies for a very long time, much longer than paling. Though, only howitzers can fire over walls, so it is tough to defend a wall. It is most easily defended when a player has control of a cliff overlooking the wall. His/her musketeers and artillery can fire upon the enemy attacking the wall. Although they take a long time to build, the strength of walls allows players to abstain from always having a large army to defend his/her territory.

Paling Gate

Cost: 400 Wood
Hit points:
Special Ability: Acts as a barrier, allows units to pass through paling
Value: 0.01

Paling gates are simply used to allow units to pass through paling. They are built by clicking on a section of paling. There will be an icon in the status area of the screen that allows a player to make the gate. Clicking on the button will build the gate. When the gate is completed, a player can open and close the gate by clicking on the gate and doing so.

Wall Gate

Cost: 500 Wood
Hit points:
Special Ability: Acts as a barrier, allows units to pass through walls
Value: 0.01

Wall gates are used to allow units to pass through walls. They are built by clicking on a section of wall. There will be an icon in the status area of the screen that allows a player to make the gate. Clicking on the button will build the gate. When the gate is finished, a player can open and close the gate by clicking on the gate and clicking on the open/close gate function.



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