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  Buildings: Economic buildings

Town Hall

Cost: 700 Wood, 700 Stone
Hit points:
Special Ability: Train peasants, stores resources, allows 500 unit habitation
Value: 10.00

Town Halls are the cornerstone of any nation. They train peasants, the most important unit in Cossacks. Along with this, they can store several resources gathered by the peasants they train. Thus, town halls are extremely important economic buildings, giving a nation the ability to grow and thrive.


Cost: 30 Wood, 150 Stone
Hit points:
Special Ability: Grows farms, stores food, researches farming technologies
Value: 0.01

Mills are the only building that gives access to food on land. They grow farms, which peasants can harvest. They can also research technologies which improve agriculture. Because of these attributes, they must be built, as they are very important 'sources' of food.


Cost: 100 Wood, 100 Stone
Hit points:
Special Ability: Allows peasants to mine for gold, iron, and coal; researches mining technologies
Value: 0.20

Mines give peasants the ability to mine for minerals other than stone. These minerals are highly valuable, as they are required to train most units in the game. Mines do have a certain peasant capacity, but technologies can be researched which allows for more peasants to work in the mine.


Cost: 20 Wood, 50 Stone
Hit points:
Special Ability: Stores resources
Value: 0.30

Storehouses are somehwat like a small town hall. Although they cannot train peasants, they are able to store the resources that the town hall is able to. Storehouses can be used when a player wants their peasant's travel time between resources and a dropoff site (townhall) to be decreased.


Cost: 450 Wood
Hit points:
Special Ability: Trade resources
Value: 5.00

Markets are useful buildings. They allow a player to trade any surplus resources for another. But any time resources are traded, their cost changes. It is similar to the stock market. For example, when gold is traded for stone, the price of stone will decrease, whereas the price of gold will increase. It is not vital for a market to be used in a nation, but it is useful to get rid of extra resources for resources a player needs.


Cost: 1,700 Wood, 1,100 Stone, 500 Iron
Hit points:
Special Ability: Builds ships
Value: 5.00

Economically, shipyards are somewhat useful. The only economic function they have is to build boats. Boats gather fish from the sea and drop of the food at the shipyard, where it can be used. Although shipyards only take in food, they take in alot of food. Boats gather food very fast, considerably faster than a peasant gathers food from a farm. Shipyards used economically are not extremely important, but they can give a player that uses them a big advantage against a player that doesn't.



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