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  Frequently Asked Questions

About the Game

Q: When will the English version be released?

A: The English version is availible in the United States and Great Britain

Q: Is there an expansion pack?

A: Yes. It is called the Art of War and has shipped to Germany, France, Great Britain, and the United States. Complete info about the x-pack can be found here. There will be another expansion pack called Back to War that is supposed to be released later in 2002. It will include two new nations, Hungary and Switzerland.

Q: Will there be a sequel?

A: Yes, there will be a sequal to Cossacks called Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars. You can find more info here.

Q: What is American Conquest?

A: American Conquest is another game made by GSC that uses the Cossacks engine. It takes place during the colonial period of America. You can get more information in our AC FAQ page here.

Q: In what languages will Cossacks be released?

A: German, Spanish, English, French, Ukranian, and Russian.

A: You can download the Cossacks demo at this site, Cossacks Heaven.

Q: I have more questions. Where can I find another FAQ?

A: Cherub Sharpe novel reader has written a great Cossacks FAQ here.


Gameplay FAQ

Q: Why do buildings that I capture explode?

A: When an enemy's building is about to be captured, the player usually presses the delete key while selecting the building. The building's hitpoints slowly drain, and the building explodes when it reaches zero. Peasants can repair the building and stop the depletion of HPs, but several are needed to do that, as the HPs drop very quickly

Q: How do the armor and hitpoints work?

A: When you select a unit, the number below the unit are total hit points (if not in formation), then sword shield, arrow shield, and pike shield. Cuirassed units have 3 additional number for defense against cannonball, musket, and grapeshot. Units in formation get points added to their attack values which show up as 21+9 with the +9 being the extra benefit of being in formation. When in formation, you can't see the hit points of individual soldiers. When a unit loses all hit points, it dies.

Q: Why are my buildings, peasants, and artillery being captured when an enemy's units gets near them?

A: These units can be captured by a player if their military units are near these units. Though, the units can only be captured if there aren't any of the player's own military forces nearby.

Q: What buildings can't be captured?

A: The only buildings in Cossacks that cannot be captured are the barracks, stable, shipyard, and diplomatic center.

Q: Why are my resources being depleted?

A: Every unit in cossacks need resources in order to function. Peasants and troops need food, officers and ships need gold, walls need stone and wood. Coal and iron are also depleted after every shot from a gunpowder unit. Without a stockpile of coal and iron, these gunpowder units can't shoot. Without a stockpile of food, your troops will die. When a player runs out of gold, their ships will turn on them.

Q: How do I queue a lot of units quickly?

A: You can queue 5 units at a time by shift-clicking on the unit's build icon (i.e. shift-click on the Peasant icon on the Town Hall to queue 5 peasants.)

Q: How do I create formations?

A: You'll need an officer, a drummer, and either 15, 36, 72, 96, 120, or 196 soldiers; or, if you're forming them into a square or column, 36, 72, 96, 120, or 196 soldiers.

Gather the soldiers, officer, and drummer in the same place. Select the officer to access the icons for different formations. Click on the icon of the formation you want your troops to assume. After that, transparent icons of the units will appear to the right of the formation icon you had clicked on. Icons that are semi-transparent are because they are too far. Otherwise, click on the non-transparent icons to select the units you wish to be in that formation.

Q: How do I build Walls?

A: Select one or more peasants. Click on the wall icon, and then click on the map to mark the corners of the wall. To start building the wall, double click on the map where you want the wall to end.

Q: How do I build gates?

A: Gates are built by clicking on a section of wall at least 2 sections long which is in a straight line. There will be an icon in the status area of the screen that allows a player to build a gate. Clicking on the button will build the gate. When the gate is finished being build, a player can open and close the gate by clicking on the gate and clicking on the open/close gate function.

Q: Why can't I gather Gold, Coal, and Iron even though I have mines built?

A: It is needed for peasants to be put in mines before they are to function. Do this by selecting peasants and right clicking on the mine. It is possible to recieve upgrades at the mines to allow more peasants to work in the mine.

Q: How do I reach the 18th Century?

A: In order to progress to 18th Century it is required to have a Town Hall, Blacksmith, Storehouse, Mill, Barracks, Market, Stables, Academy, Artillery Depot and Church. Select your Town Hall and click on the 18th Century transition icon, provided you have enough resources.

Q: Why can't I build any more units, even though I'm not at the 8,000 unit pop limit?

A: After the habitation limit for the barracks and town hall is reached, it is required the dwellings are built, which adds 15 units to your habitation limit.

Q: Why do some building's price increase?

A: When a certian building is built, it's build price increases by a determined amount. Unless you build only 1 of these buildings, you cannot bypass this effect.

Q: Mercenaries cost a little bit of gold and train several times faster, what's the catch?

A: Every time a mercenary is trained, its price increases. Also, mercenaries have less hitpoints and turn on you when you run out of gold.

Q: Why aren't some units destroying the enemy's buildings?

A: The only units that are able to attack buildings are grenadiers, archers, war ships, and artillery. All other units can only capture the buildings.


Tech FAQ

Q: How do I go back to Windows without closing the game?

A: In order to return to windows without quitting cossacks, you much hold Alt, then hit Tab. The game will minimize, and you will be in windows again. In order to open the game again, go to the popup bar and click on the game's "Icon".

Q: How do I take screenshots in the game?

A: Simply press "g" when you want to take a picture of a particular part of a game. The picture will be in the Cossacks file, with the root name "scr".

Q: How do I access the map editor in the demo or regular game?

A: You need to follow these steps. Start the game. Then hold Ctrl and click "Intro" on the menu. There will be the map editor, though it is in Ukrainian. However, there will be a full map editor included in the expansion pack.

Q: Since Cossacks is using a 3D engine, can I zoom?

A: No. You will only be able to have 1 type of view, and that view allows you to see the entire field within your screen.

Q: Where do I play the full version of Cossacks multiplayer in a Network?

A: The only network that allows you to play Cossacks multiplayer is Gamespy. Simply download the program that is needed. It is free, you only need to pay $20 for a premium version.

Q: How do I play multiplayer in the demo?

A: The only FREE way to play EW Cossacks demo in multiplayer is to play it through Khan network. Khan is an utility which tricks windows and forces an IPX game through TCP/IP protocol. Here`s a small manual on how to play Cossacks Demo on Khan:

  • Step 1: Make sure u have your IPX protocol installed on your Windows 95 or Windows 98(Note: Khan only supports Windown 95, Windows 98 and MS-Dos) Oleg wrote a small manual, check it out here

  • Step 2: Go here and D/l Khan v1.3(I suggest d/l installer version 1.26Megs, it`s easier to install it)

  • Step 3: Run that program and choose Connect to Khan Central.Net Server (first small comp Icon form the list)

  • Step 4: In the Launch Pad Menu you need to setup the links to your EW Cossacks DEMO. Type in fields with File Name(dmcr.exe) and Directory Path(i.e. D:\EW - Cossacks\) of your Cossacks Demo.

  • Step 5: After you login to Khan Central you can either chat in the chat window or join/create channel to meet your friends( i.e /join #mychannel) OR you can launch the game by pressing the Icon at the bottom of the Khan Chat Window.

  • Step 6: Than you are inside of the game go to multiplayer than Deathmatch than IPX Create or IPX Join.

    There are few bugs in multiplayer such as: YOU CAN`T CHAT INSIDE OF THE GAME. Also than the multiplayer games start weird messages such as" Player ? have left the game" appear. Don`t pay attention to these messages thus they are nothing more bug bugs.
    Info courtesy of Cossacks Punk Heaven

  • Q: Is there any other way to play multiplayer Cossacks?

    A: Yes. There is an ingame room. You can access it my going to the multiplayer section of the game, choose internet game, then join, and you are in the room. Cossacks also supports LAN and IP games.

    Q: What are the system requirements?

    A: Minimal system requirements:
    Pentium 200MHz, 32 Mb RAM, 1 Mb Video RAM, 200Mb HDD, 8x CD-ROM, Sound card, DirectX 6.0.

    Recommended system requirements:
    Pentium II 233 and better, 64 Mb RAM, 4 Mb Video RAM, 200 Mb HDD, 12x CD-ROM, Sound card, DirectX 6.0.


    Compiled by Angel Socrateius, updated by Sharpe Novel Reader


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