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Valahia-The battle of Giurgiu,1595

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Machedon The battle of Giurgiu, 1595

Historical context: This is an aproximate reconstruction of the battle of Giurgiu, which took place in southern Romania, in the year of the Lord 1595. In the year before, Sinan-Pacha, leader of the Ottoman Army, seconded by Hasan-Pacha and Ferhat-Pacha, invaded the rebelious southern Romania (Valahia), which was under the rule of Michael "the Brave" (Mihai Viteazul). At the battle of Calugareni, Michael sucseded in obtaining a victory against the invading turks, but he was forced to retreat in the mountains at Stanilesti,because he lacked manpower and support to resist the turkish army, which begin to plunder the country ant take slaves.He stood in the winter there, harrassing the invading turks, who had to face a guerrila warfare. In the end of the winter, good news come to the romanians: they would receive support from the Transilvanian prince Sigismund Bathory, and from the Austrian Empire.
Turkish army slowly retreated towards Danube, pillaging the country behind them, and taking lare number of slaves (more then 5000 men and women, estimated).Only one garrison is left by the turks , in Targoviste, highly undermaned and underpowered, which is conquered easily by the christians.
Sinan-Pacha attempt a retreat into Bulgaria, but it is caught behind by the christian armyes exactly when he intended to cross the Danube into Bulgaria on the same bridge that he used during the invasion ...

Letter from Aga Alexandru ,boyar of Mihai and leader in the army, to his lovely wife Nicoleta, princess of Bucharest:

"My lovely wife,

We have reached the river of Danube.. its water`s are great now, as snow is melting in the mountains... Despite the fact that the infidels are retreating, whe are still in great danger.Many of Sinan-Pacha`s troops are still on romanian soil , we saw many tatars , spakhs and ianissaryes...they treathen the villages nearby, as they are trying to grab from the country`s riches as much as they can, before they will flee.... they are a great treath, so whe must fight against them... the island of Giurgiu is still under the turks control, it is well fortified and well defended, there is no way to get there but a single narrow long bridge... turkish galleys are on the river...whe have no ships, and no iobags... on the bulgarian side, in Rusciuk, the turkish have enough forces to counterattack...I hope that God will help me get safely back into your loving arms.

Alexandru, yours forever


-kill the turks nearby.
-conquer the city of Giurgiu, which lies on the island.
-try to capture turkish civilians on the island to raise more troops later.
-attack and destroy the turkish city of Rusciuk, on the bulgarian shore.
-kill the xebecs !

Historically speaking, the battle was a disaster for the turks... it tooke more then a decade for them to launch again another major ofensive against Valahia.The western chronicles mostly mention Sigismund Bathory as the winner, but the turkish chronicles mention only Michael the Brave (Michal-Oglu in tr ), the same whith most of the eastern chronicles written at that time.The christian coalition could not use the victory, as not much time after, the turkish Cicala-Pasha turned the tide and won the battle of Keresztes in Hungary (my future project :) ).
About the capture of turkish peasants in the island of Giurgiu, it is not true, as the christians (the attack in this sector was led by ill disciplined and greedy transilvanian szekelys ) , slaughtered all of the turkish civilian population.An interesting legend says that only one turk managed to escape and swimed across the Danube to safety, in a rain of musket fire.He had previouly a romanian friend who warned him secretly about the incoming attack.
have fun, pls play on hard or very hard...

P.S: i didn`t had any intention to recreate a topographically exact map of the battle.
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