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  News Archive for October 2004

 October 31, 2004

Cossacks II Videos
Posted @ 7:19 AM || Sharpe novel reader

GSC have very kindly sent us a copuple of vides of rendered units, different videos are available at the various different Cossacks II fansites. Our videos show a cavalryman dieing and cavalry trotting.

To download the videos please visit this page

 October 29, 2004

Another game using the Cossacks II engine!
Posted @ 3:21 PM || Sharpe novel reader

GSC have begun development of Alexander another RTS using the same engine as the upcoming Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars. If you'd like to see a few screenshots head along to here

 October 28, 2004

Server Downtime
Posted @ 2:47 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Tommorow, 10/29/2004 the Heaven games database server will be down all day in order to allow support engineers to carry out necessary upgrades to the server. If all goes well the server should be back up Friday evening or at the worst Saturday morning.
This should affect too many things on CH except the poll and download software which will be unavailable.