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  News Archive for October 2003

 October 14, 2003

New Poll
Posted @ 1:56 PM || Sharpe novel reader

I have replaced the old poll with a new one called "What new feature of Cossacks II are you looking forward to most?" I am hoping to run a poll on a monthly basis from now on so get voting! Cossacks II was listed as your most anticipated game from our last poll by a huge lead!

 October 12, 2003

New FAQ!
Posted @ 1:15 PM || Sharpe novel reader

I have updated the Cossacks II FAQ so that it now contains questions regarding unique units, roads, nations and all sorts of other important topics. If you have a question you would like to be answered please contact

To view the FAQ click HERE

Cossacks II preview in PC ZONE
Posted @ 1:06 PM || Sharpe novel reader

There is a preview in the UK November issue of PC ZONE which contains some great screenshots and their usual custom of an interview with one of the developers team. In this case they are posing questions to Oleg Yavorsky.
Comments on population limits, the vast range of units and buildings, the new tactics on the battlefield and generally all of the cool new stuff that will make it a hundred times better than the original (which is pretty hard to beat!!!)

Scans of PC ZONE are here:
Page 1
Page 2
Page 3

 October 7, 2003

Heavengames survey
Posted @ 2:43 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Hey guys

I've been asked to post a link to a survey currently needing to be completed to help HeavenGames future. The survey will enable HG to gain new advertising deals suited to our viewers and therefore help keep HG alive. The survey can be accessed HERE

Please remember this is not a survey done by HeavenGames to discover facts about you or your family. The survey is completely anonymous and your completion of it shall greatly help HG continue to satisfy your needs in the future.