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  News Archive for September 2002

 September 15, 2002

GSC Interview at Gameguru Mania
Posted @ 2:12 PM || TNK

Gameguru Mania has put up an interview with GSC's Sergiy Grygorovych. Here's a snip:

GGMania: Is American Conquest a major leap compared with Cossacks, or another same-engined follower of the Cossacks?

Sergiy Grygorovych: The gameplay is 50% Cossacks and 50% new. Taking into account a number of innovations implemented (doubled unit limit, units go inside houses, unit morale and experience, realistic animations, physics, water effects, photorealistic textures and so on), I see American Conquest as a step forward from original Cossacks. With American Conquest we did a slant towards tactical combat and reduced the role of resource micro-management slightly.

You can read the rest of the interview here.

 September 13, 2002

Want to know more about the Pueblos?
Posted @ 2:52 PM || TNK

Do you want to know more about the Pueblo Native Americans that are featured in American Conquest? Well, now you can learn more by going to the official American Conquest site. Here's a piece:

The architecture of the Pueblos is very interesting, their buildings reminiscent of honeycombs, growing together to form one large structure several stories high with blinding white walls. Thus, a pueblo settlement was actually more like one big house.

 September 10, 2002

Patch em' up!
Posted @ 2:44 PM || TNK

That's right, the long awaited patch for Cossacks: The Art of War has arrived! It fixes (thanks for forumer Lord Gordon for the translation):

  • Cheat with player colour orange in the multi-player mode (construction of buildings for the same amount in the pause mode)
  • If 8000 limit is exceeded formations cannot be made
  • If 8000 limit is exceeded ships do not fire
  • The autosave function is still active, although it's problem has been fixed (i.e. saving every 2 minutes even thought it had been deactivated)
  • Problems with the AI behavior in certain situations (e.g. incorrect food production)

  • You can get the English, German, and French versions of the patch here

     September 5, 2002

    Gamespot's Update on Back To War
    Posted @ 7:38 PM || TNK

    Gamespot has posted an update on the stand alone Cossacks expansion, Back to War. In addition to already released information, they talk a bit about the new "VIZOR" system:

    For fans of the game's multiplayer mode, a new VIZOR system has also been implemented, which allows players to view multiplayer games that are in progress online, perhaps to glean advice from more-experienced players on how to command the 8,000 units per map that the game supports.