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  News Archive for September 2001

 September 30, 2001

Add-On Patch T023
Posted @ 7:36 PM || Cherub Weezul

GSC has just released its latest in a recent string of patches for the Art of War Beta. It fixes numerous bugs and allows you to control your allies units. As always, please send all bug reports to Cossacks fanpage webmaster Stefan Hetrich. You can find the patch here.

 September 29, 2001

Art of War Screen
Posted @ 10:53 PM || Cherub Weezul

The Cossacks fanpage has posted a screenshot of the Command center. The screenshot, which can be found here, appears to be of a new scenario editor building. Be sure to take a look at it.

 September 27, 2001

Art of War Questions Answered!
Posted @ 7:28 PM || Cherub Weezul

GSC has answered many interesting questions in the CDV forums! You can find all of there answers at the Cossacks Fanpage. Be sure to check it out here.

 September 25, 2001

More Art of War Screens!
Posted @ 8:40 PM || Cherub Weezul

GSC posted some more screens of the forthcoming Cossacks expansion pack in action today! They show many aspects of the game, so be sure to check them out. You can find the screens here.

 September 24, 2001

Clan News
Posted @ 6:16 PM || Cherub Weezul

[DAT], founded by Woody has disbanded due to a lack of interest. Also, Cossacks Clans at War now has a direct connection to the Cossacks shell in the new TO22 Patch. Be sure to check it out.

 September 21, 2001

Art of War Beta Patch T022
Posted @ 8:14 PM || Cherub Weezul

GSC has released a new patch for the Art of War beta! It allows you to play singleplayer now. Direct all bug reports/comments to Stefan Hetrich of the Cossacks fanpage. By the way, you can find the patch here

 September 20, 2001

New Demo CD Availible!
Posted @ 7:07 PM || Cherub Weezul

A complimentary demo CD is now availible from GSC. It contains a trailer for the upcoming GSC game WarCommander and demos for the Cossacks: Art of War Expansion Pack and Combat Mission. Be sure to take a look at it here

 September 19, 2001

Add-On Rated System Information
Posted @ 9:58 PM || Cherub Weezul

GSC has released an intricate report of the multiplayer rating system for the forthcoming Cossacks Add-On. It provides a good read, so be sure to check it out. You can find it here, at the Cossacks Fanpage.

Developer Information on Sequel
Posted @ 4:21 PM || Angel ET

If you are wondering what the new features are going to be in the upcoming sequel, GSC has posted here and rejoice, it looks great.

Post a comment on what you think, many of these features are items players have asked to be made available.

Thanks GSC for taking time from your busy schedule to let us know this information.

 September 17, 2001

Need to touch up on your 17th/18th Century History?
Posted @ 6:03 PM || Cherub Weezul

Colonel Sharpe made a great compilation about military history during the time period of Cossacks in the forums. This well thought out thread covers infantry formations, weaponry of the time, some period flags, and information on Napolean. Be sure to check out this quality post.

 September 15, 2001

Clan News
Posted @ 11:25 PM || Cherub Weezul

The Royal Knights clan has two new members, Sir Andre XXII and Sir Phil. [RK] will no longer being accepting new members for the time being.

 September 14, 2001

Whats your Favorite Nation?
Posted @ 7:23 PM || Cherub Weezul

Seqenenre Tao asks this very question in his thread. Stop by and voice your support or your dislike for each nation in the game.

 September 12, 2001

Add-On Video Posted
Posted @ 7:15 PM || Cherub Weezul

The Cossacks Fanpage posted a screenshot of what seems to be of the intro video for the forthcoming Cossacks expansion pack. You can find this interesting screen here

 September 11, 2001

Terrorist Attacks on America
Posted @ 7:11 PM || Cherub Weezul

In light of the tragedy that occurred earlier today, all of us here at Cossacks Heaven would like to extend our condolences to those who were affected by these shocking acts of senseless violence.

 September 10, 2001

Clan News
Posted @ 5:45 PM || Cherub Weezul

Woody has founded his own clan! Its called [DAT] and you can find their homepage here. Good luck.

 September 8, 2001

Art of War Screenshots
Posted @ 9:01 AM || Cherub Weezul

GSC has released some new screenshots of the highly-anticipated Cossacks add-on.

The add-on will be produced in co-operation with outstanding developers Ukrainian GSC Gameworld, who were already responsible for the previous RTS masterpiece.

The focus is on an improved and more dynamic single player mode with adjustable difficulty levels. In addition to that the internet play and community features have been greatly improved allowing players to check out each other histories and review recorded games.

New units, nations, ships, a map editor, joining forces with the computer and exchanging resources all together take Cossacks - The Art of War, scheduled for release in the 4th quarter of 2001, to a new level.

You can find the screens here. Review
Posted @ 8:53 AM || Cherub Weezul

Prophecy really like the game, giving it strong scores across the board.

"What makes Cossacks so impressive in this area is its scope. Everything about it is bigger! and better! and feels like it should have an exclamation mark coming after it."

Be sure to check the review out here.

 September 6, 2001

Heavengames user database Annoucement
Posted @ 1:59 AM || Angel ET

This announcement was posted by Angel Jayhawk in reference to upcoming changes in Heavengames user database. Here's the post, and thanks Jayhawk .

Time for a bit of a technical talk.

A long time ago we started with two separate databases, one for the Citybuilders and one for Age of Kings (and all that followed after). Now we've passed the stage where this was needed and the Powers Above (i.e. Zen) will be merging the two databases.
To make sure you'll still be with us after the merger he asks you to make certain that your email address (as written in your profile)is:

  • accurate
  • an active account (i.e. we regularly get bounced emails from inactive hotmail users)
  • not filtered (i.e. AOL members sometimes might have too high of a restriction on their mail and thus resulting in forum emails being bounced)
  • not "overquota" (i.e. full mailbox)

... and most importantly, an account that you check regularly for mail.

We'll be send out more details about the forum user database merge later in the month. Not being able to read these emails and follow the instructions contained in them could possibly result in your account being renamed or purged during the merge.

 September 5, 2001

Add-On Patch "T020" Released
Posted @ 9:33 AM || Cherub Weezul

GSC has just released the latest patch for the Cossacks Add-on beta. It fixes numerous bugs, and makes the multiplayer lobby and ratings system a lot more stable. It also has a few more new options, such as the ability to join a game if you just know the host's name.

 September 4, 2001

Clan News to Begin
Posted @ 5:39 PM || Cherub Weezul

I've decided, in earnest, to make an attempt to cover some clan news in the future. If you have any clan news, be it new members, site updates/changes, or other things, drop me an e-mail and I'll post it for you.

Cossacks Clans at War
Posted @ 5:36 PM || Cherub Weezul

Cossacks Clans at War is officialy starting! The battlefield has been set and each clan has been given its territories. Be sure to see where your clan has been placed. You can find the CCAW site here.

 September 1, 2001

Forum Party Tommorow!
Posted @ 6:41 PM || Cherub Weezul

Tommorow's forum party should happen tommorow at 6:00 PM EST, assuming everything goes well. Make sure to be there to play some great games, meet some new people, and have some fun.