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  News Archive for August 2003

 August 20, 2003

Of worms, MS Blaster, and DirectX
Posted @ 9:47 AM || Cherub Gaiseric

If your computer is affected by the MSBlaster worm or its variants; or your computer hasn't been patched against the worm, we urge you to patch your computer as soon as possible.

You can find out how on this page at Microsoft.

Also, it's highly advised you patch against another security hole that is asking for trouble:

There's a problem with DirectX that allows a virus, trojan, or any malicious programs to infect your computer by simply playing an infected MIDI file. This affects all DirectX versions from 5.2 all the way up to 9.0. Thus, you can be infected by simply viewing an email or webpage that has an auto-playing MIDI file.

You can find out more and how to patch this on this page at Microsoft. At least one other major media outlet has reported this.

If you haven't installed all the critical updates in Windows Update, it is probably a good idea to do so now. Exclusive screenshots
Posted @ 4:09 AM || Sharpe novel reader

The site has received two exclusive screenshots from GSC showing 2 armies preparing for battle and a typical town. They can be viewed HERE It is speculated that when you start the game your cities will come part built and will be fully supplied with peasants.

 August 18, 2003

To The Game Screenshots
Posted @ 5:10 PM || Sharpe novel reader

To The Game has some new screenshots of Cossacks II available HERE. The buildings displayed looks truly amazing as do the vast armies displayed over the field of battle.
I doubt it can be much longer until GSC start doing bigger releases of news and a proper timescale is set for the rest of development.

Incidentally the official Cossacks II page is beginning to appear at where a link has been added to CDV's mini page

 August 15, 2003

Four New Cossacks II Screenshots
Posted @ 11:17 AM || Cherub Gaiseric

Forumer Rohag has recently posted in the Cossacks II Discussions Forum regarding four new Cossacks II screenshots now up at CDV's Cossacks II site. Apparently they show some exciting new features added to the game by the guys at GSC:

Everything has been cleaned up, and there are drastically fewer icons than before. The guys at GSC Game World were able to minimize the icons and simplify the controls. Another new feature is an on-screen video that depicts the selected unit via real-life footage.

So head down to the CDV Cossacks II site now and take a look at these exciting new screenies. The forum thread and links can be found here.

 August 6, 2003

Toms Hardware Guide reviews fight back!
Posted @ 12:07 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Toms Hardware Guide has reviewed American Conquest : Fight Back calling it a revolutionary game in the RTS series that adds a lot to the original game. To read the review click HERE

 August 2, 2003

Cossacks Heaven Map Contest!
Posted @ 5:09 AM || Sharpe novel reader

I promised it was coming and here it is! All you need to do to find out how to signup and how the contest will run is to visit HERE! Don't be afraid if you are new to map making, people who have never even opened the editor will be able to participate thanks to some upcoming masterclasses!