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  News Archive for August 2002

 August 30, 2002

New Screenshots
Posted @ 4:16 PM || TNK

GamespyDaily has gotten a hold on some new screenshots from some of CDV's upcomming games, including 2 of American Conquest and 3 of Cossacks: Back to War. You can see them here.

 August 27, 2002

New Forums
Posted @ 3:22 PM || TNK

With Angel Draco's assistance, we've opened up two new forums. First is the American Conquest General Discussion forum, where you can discuss anything about GSC's upcomming RTS. The other forum is the old Pub, which has returned to hold discussions about history and other non-Cossacks and American Conquest related things. So go check them out!

 August 22, 2002

For our German readers...
Posted @ 6:55 PM || TNK

According to the CDV newsletter, the German version of Cossacks: Back to War has gone gold!

Prepare to advance - the German gold master for the Cossacks: Back To War is here! Following the worldwide success of Cossacks, Cossacks : Back to War is a standalone add-on. It will be hitting German stores 20th September.

It will only be a matter of time before it's released in the rest of Europe.

Also, GSC will be at the Games Convention in Leipzig, Germany from August 27th - September 1st, showcasing American Conquest and other games.

 August 19, 2002

Poll Added
Posted @ 4:26 PM || TNK

I've created a poll on the right hand side bar (with some help from Angels Draco and ET Flavius). Our first poll question is What are you most looking forward to? out ot GSC's upcoming games. So go vote!

 August 18, 2002

GameSpy Previews Back to War
Posted @ 9:17 AM || TNK

Gamespy has a preview up of Cossacks: Back to War. Apparently, the expansion pack will be stand alone, meaning it will also include Cossacks and The Art of War. Here is what the preview says about baddog's Mod1:

More and more, fans are creating mods and add-ons that rival or surpass retail games. If you can't always beat them, why not join them? GSC has been supporting the work of a group of diehard fans to add even more unit variety and detail to Cossacks, and they've dubbed the results of this work Mod1. Don't let the boring name fool you, though: this mod, released earlier this year through the Internet and set to ship with Back to War, will offer up a smorgasbord of new units and features. Mod1 boosts the number of unique national units and will include around thirty new ground units, like the Venetian elite musketeer, and three new cannon types, like the coastal defense cannon. The mod also features some gameplay alterations like increased formation sizes, altered build times and attack values for better balance, and changes to the way artillery is handled.

 August 10, 2002

New History Article
Posted @ 10:15 AM || TNK

Cherub Marechal has given me an excellent history article by anonymous, which details the history of the Netherlands from the rebellion against the Spanish through its involvement in the Napoleonic Wars. Definately worth a look.

 August 8, 2002

New American Conquest Media
Posted @ 9:51 AM || TNK

At the official American Conquest site CDV has put up some new American Conquest media. First there is a video of the game, from the official site:

The self-running demo, which is finally online, offers not only "jaw-dropping" graphics, but also a little foretaste on the next epic RTS title. Get an impression of the photo-realistic presentation, which will simply make you hold your breath. Enjoy the monumental battles and have a stake in the tactical proceedings of England against the USA.

Also, there are 3 new screenshots of the Sioux nation here.

 August 7, 2002

Let's Give a Warm Welcome To (Again)...
Posted @ 10:00 AM || TNK

I'd like to welcome back an old member of the Cossacks Heaven staff, Cherub Marechal! Marechal will again fill in the role of historian, writing and looking over articles that deal with the historical time periods of Cossacks, American Conquest, and Cossacks II. Send any of your articles from those periods to him.

 August 6, 2002

Age of Wonders 2 Heaven Opens!
Posted @ 9:40 AM || TNK

HeavenGames has opened its newest site, Age of Wonders 2 Heaven! Here's what Angel Draco has to say about it:

Thanks for visiting this brand new cloud in Heaven! We'll be doing our very best to keep you all up to date with the latest information from Triumph Studio's Age of Wonders 2: The Wizard's Throne!

It's been a long time coming, and we appreciate your patience! We hope you'll find the extra wait well worth it! This new slice of Heaven will offer everything you've come to expect and enjoy from HeavenGames, such as downloads, polls, game info, forums and strategy resources.