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  News Archive for August 2001

 August 31, 2001

Cossacks Add-On Officially Announced
Posted @ 10:06 AM || Cherub Weezul

Yep, thats right. GSC announced officially announced a few days ago the official name for the Cossacks Add-On. The game is to be called Cossacks- The Art of War and feature several new units, two new civilazations, many new battles and campaigns, (Get cracking, Krud. ) new ships, a map editor, and many, many more misc. gameplay tweaks and improvements. It is to be released later this year. You can find the whole article here.

Interested in American Conquest?
Posted @ 9:42 AM || Cherub Weezul

Are you interested in GSC's upcoming game that will use the Cossacks game engine? If so, than please just drop me a reply in my thread. Thank you.

 August 29, 2001

New Add-Beta Patch
Posted @ 4:05 PM || Cherub Weezul

GSC has just released a new patch that will allow you to test the Cossacks Add-On Map Editor!! In addition to this long-awaited feature, the newest patch also corrects a few smaller problems with the beta. Please send all beta comments/bug reports to Cossacks Fanpage webmaster Stefan Hetrich. The Patch can be downloaded here.

 August 28, 2001

CDV , Developers of Cossacks, Announce New Game
Posted @ 7:08 PM || Cherub Weezul

CDV, the developers of Cossacks, to which this fine site is devoted, recently announced that they have another game slated for release called Blitzkrieg. The game takes place during World War II. You can play as the Germans, Allies, or Russians. Also, the game will feature nearly 200 different types of 3D units!! You can see some screenshots of the game at Gamespot

American Conquest
Posted @ 3:37 PM || Cherub Weezul

GSC has released some new wallpaper for American Conquest, there upcoming game that will use the Cossacks engine. You can find the wallpaper at the Cossacks Fanpage. The game will feature many early American civilazations, as well as the Meso-Americans and the European explorers. Look for this game when it is released in early 2002.

 August 27, 2001

Forum Party for September 2, 2001
Posted @ 7:57 PM || Cherub Weezul

Cossacks Heaven will be hosting a forums party in the Cossacks Shell next Sunday at 6:00pm EST. Be sure to stop buy, play some games, meet some new people, and above all have fun. It should be a good time for all involved, so make sure you don't miss it. You can find my post about it in the forums.

 August 25, 2001

Forums News
Posted @ 10:11 PM || Cherub Weezul

NoPenTheSwordIsMightier has started a debate over what the most versatile unit in Cossacks: European Wars is. Is it the 18th century dragoon? The grenadier? Or the Hetman? Or something completly different? Voice your opinions in his thread.

 August 24, 2001

Misc. Updates
Posted @ 5:06 PM || Cherub Weezul

If you have a clan that wishes to be listed in the Cossacks Heaven clan directory, please send your clan name, website address, and a short one to two sentence description to me. I'm compiling a large list so we can udpate it.
Also, for all you cheaters out there, theres a new cheat code! If you type in 'Gods' it will max out all your units by getting all the upgrades etc.

 August 23, 2001

New Add-On Version Patch
Posted @ 6:24 PM || Cherub Weezul

A new patch has just been released for the Cossacks Add-on Beta version. It fixes many things, including enabling the save/load game functions. Be careful not to just copy dmcr.exe into the add-on beta folder or it will not work properly! You must copy all of the files. You can find the patch at the Cossacks Fanpage.

 August 22, 2001

Tournament News
Posted @ 10:33 PM || Cherub Weezul

The Tournament of the Generals is STILL on, so please, play your games! You can find more information, including the updated brackets, in the forums. Thank you.

 August 20, 2001

Vityazes and Don's Oh My!
Posted @ 4:29 PM || Cherub Weezul

Forever Frozen has started an interesting discussion of Russia's two unique cavalry units in the forums. Be sure to drop in and post your comments about these units. The thread can be found here.

New Add-On Naval Screens
Posted @ 4:21 PM || Cherub Weezul

The Cossacks Fanpage has some screens of all of the new add-on ships. Be sure to check them out here

 August 19, 2001

Whats your fastest 18th Century time?
Posted @ 11:31 AM || Cherub Weezul

I've started a discussion about what your fastest 18th century times are. Come brag about your expertise in the thread, which can be found here.

 August 17, 2001

Cossacks Clans at War
Posted @ 3:15 PM || Cherub Weezul

Got a clan? Or just looking for a good fight? FEI_Jarema has started the Cossacks Clans at War. Cossacks Clans at War is a massivly multiplayer struggle for domination. Beta testing should begin next week, so keep your eyes peeled. You can find the Enlglish version of the site here, the German version here, and the Polish version here.

 August 16, 2001

Cossacks Add-On Open Beta for Download!!
Posted @ 1:10 PM || Cherub Weezul

Thats right! The Cossacks Fanpage has posted an open beta for the Cossacks Add on! Download it here. You can also find a patch for the add-on. All comments about the add-on beta should be sent to Stefan Hetrich.

I'm back!
Posted @ 9:16 AM || Cherub Weezul

Finally! After 2 weeks of glorious vacation in Florida, I'm back! I'm sorry I couldnt post more information relating to my departure, but I had a few problems with my evil network card. But, anyways, I'm back, and since than the problem has been fixed!