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  News Archive for July 2003

 July 29, 2003

Grenadier Guide
Posted @ 5:14 AM || Sharpe novel reader

Gaiseric has written a great little guide on grenadiers. It compares grenadiers of all nations whilst discussing their history and sues in Cossacks. Check it out HERE

 July 26, 2003

Cossacks Heaven Forums Weekly Roundup
Posted @ 4:17 AM || Sharpe novel reader

Week number 2 of what I'm hoping shall prove to be a successful weekly event. The forums have been active once again this week flourishing over minuscule pieces of news which soon have whole threads devoted to them.

Conversation on the effects of weather have proved interesting with the discussion of how weather patterns should be implemented and whether certain nations should receive bonuses in certain conditions. This has led to comparisons of other games which used weather and highlighting where the mistakes were made and how GSC could avoid such mistakes.

The discussion around computer specifications has continued except taking a different angle. vladimir has suggested that depending on your computers specifications you should have a varying population limit. However this was countered by people wondering whether the current limit of 64,000 units is imposed by the engines capacity and could therefore not be raised no matter your computers specs.

The artillery thread has continued to be successful with discussions over how convoys might work and previous annoyances at artillery lagging behind your army's march.

A subject undiscussed until now was campaigns however the current discussion although brief has managed to highlight what style of campaign people would like to play. The current favorites are not the traditional scenario after scenario style game but a non linear set of scenarios or a conquer europe map similar to RoN's conquer the world.

Engineers and Pioneers have also been discussed recently outlining how the current building process could be changed completely to be more in-line with history. Although it doesn't sound all that interesting at first sight some of the changes suggested could make vast changes to gameplay.

The Cossacks II nations thread has continued to be interesting with now the discussion of the US being thrown in. Most people seem to be completely against the motion however some arguments posed by those who wish the nation to be included in the game are quite interesting.

My final piece of news this week could probably be classed as the most important and that is that Cossacks II will not contain ships which has obviously led to a heated debate which is so full of good ideas and comments I can't repeat them all here. Anyhow head over here to express either your pleasure or your unhappiness at this decision.

 July 21, 2003

No ships!
Posted @ 2:53 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Rohag posted HERE what had been a rumour for a while that Cossacks II would not include navies. In a recent interview linked from Rohag's post it has indeed been proved true that no ships except stationary ones in scenarios will be included in the game.
A discussion into what this means for gameplay and whether it massively affects anyones opinion of the upcoming game is now going on in the thread.

 July 19, 2003

Cossacks Heaven Forums Weekly Roundup...
Posted @ 4:42 AM || Sharpe novel reader

Probably the main event this week was the opening of the Cossacks II forum that led to several interesting and informative discussions surrounding both wishes for gameplay which have been aided thanks to more than one forummers historical knowledge.

My Artillery thread has sparked many ideas for how artillery should be handled and whether gunners should be equipped with secondary close combat weapons.
Most people have agreed that implementing a limited ammo system which has to be topped up by supply wagons would remove some problems artillery have created in earlier games such as advancing cannons forward on their own and having massed artillery armies.

lars573's thread on Cossacks II Nations has focused quite strongly upon the unique units nations might receive such as the highlander for Britain. Strong support has formed for a highlander armed with a claymore as well as a musket compared to musket and bayonet like other soldiers.

My Unique Units thread has recently surrounded the question over whether cossacks themselves will be in the game in the Russian nation. Natalinasmpf and lars573 are the two most active forummers in the discussion currently both providing clear and concise historical arguments to back up their views.

In a thread by Vasily on the best combination of allies Natalinasmpf posted a great list of combinations of allies for each point of the game.

Natalinasmpf also did another great job by describing how cannon ball damage works.

Yesterday I enquired to whether people would be interested in a Summer Tournament which I am perfectly willing to organise and join in if we get enough players. Please post comments and wishes to play in the thread.

BTW this is a new idea of mine just for summing up the week events on the forums

 July 18, 2003

Summer Tournament???
Posted @ 2:47 PM || Sharpe novel reader

I have announced in this thread that I am willing to organise a summer tournament for Cossacks. Most likely the games will be played over AoW or BtW hopefully with Baddog's excellent mod!
Feel free to post your comments in the thread and I'll sort out some matches soon if we have sufficient players!

 July 9, 2003

Cossacks II Forum
Posted @ 12:31 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Cossacks Heaven now has a Cossacks II forum for all of the latest discussions about what surely is one of the best upcoming strategy games ever!
The forum will no doubt be a haven for Cossacks fans old and new and hopefully as more information on Cossacks II unfolds you will be able to get the best information from the best Cossacks community on the web
The forum can be found HERE

 July 2, 2003

Russian Cossacks II Info!
Posted @ 10:55 AM || Sharpe novel reader

The Russian game site Game Land has a new load of info on Cossacks II. Although it's in Russian it features some new amazing screenshots! To see it click HERE
The screenshots display that smoke appears on the battlefield as your units fire and it also displays a number of zoom levels that will be available in the game. A rough translation reveals that the game is 60-70% done and they are aiming for a release sometime next year.