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  News Archive for July 2002

 July 30, 2002

Heavengames Server Transition
Posted @ 5:12 AM || Angel ET

The following Announcement has information of importance to those who use the HG Downloads sections frequently. Also note that this Server move may have impact on other aspects of the Heavengames site(s).

Heavengames is busy moving servers, and have encountered some problems of varying severity. The Downloads Sections may be working intermittently. Uploading files is almost certain to fail, so it's best to wait with uploading until we successfully have everything working perfectly once more.

To make matters worse, even the sites themselves may be down intermittently. We are aware of these possibilities and doing our utmost in getting everything in working order as soon and as smoothly as possible.

We apologize to everyone for the inconvenience and thank you for your patience.

 July 27, 2002

New American Conquest Screenshots
Posted @ 1:37 PM || TNK

GamespyDaily has posted some more American Conquest screenshots, including a couple nice ones showing off some desert terrain.

 July 19, 2002

CDV Forums Back Online
Posted @ 9:58 PM || TNK

The CDV forums are now back online. Be sure to check out the new official American Conquest forum as well as the official Cossacks forums.

 July 18, 2002

Official American Conquest Site Opens!
Posted @ 9:36 PM || TNK

GSC and CDV have launched the official American Conquest website! It contains game information, screenshots, an FAQ page, and an option to sign up for the American Conquest newsletter.

In other news, the CDV messageboard (which includes the official Cossacks forums) appears to be down. From the boards:

The CDV messageboard is temporarily closed for server maintenance. We expect it to be back online by Friday afternoon.

 July 15, 2002

HG Product Recommendation System
Posted @ 1:04 PM || TNK

HeavenGames has put up its product recommendation system! From Angel Spineman:

Welcome to the HeavenGames product recommendation system! This is where you, the HeavenGames visitor, can recommend your favorite products to other members of the HeavenGames community. We thought that since many Heaven visitors share common interests, it would be a great idea to provide a place where each of you can recommend products that you've enjoyed so other Heaven visitors can discover items they may not have known about otherwise. Our hope is that this recommendation system will enhance our community by creating a library of products that are of interest to people who visit HeavenGames.

To provide this service, HeavenGames has partnered with, and All the products displayed will contain links to one or more of these online merchants where you can purchase the products. If you purchase a product after clicking on one of the links in the HG recommendation system, HeavenGames will receive a commission of five to fifteen percent of your purchase. So by using this system to find new products to purchase, you will also be helping HeavenGames stay online and stay free for everyone.

Looking for a new movie to watch? Want to recommend a great book? Well, head on over and check it out!

 July 8, 2002

New Back to War Screenshots
Posted @ 5:24 PM || TNK

GameSpyDaily has posted nine screenshots of the upcomming Cossacks expansion pack Back to War. You can check them out here.

 July 5, 2002

AC Beta Testing!
Posted @ 9:03 AM || TNK

Pepsi has posted this in our forums:

GSC Game World, the developer of the “Cossacks. European Wars” and “Cossacks. Art of War”, starts accepting the applications for participation in the open beta testing of the coming RTS “American Conquest”.
All applicants must e-mail with the message body containing the following information:
1. Full Name, Middle Name, Family Name.
2. Age.
3. E-mail.
4. ICQ or MSN.
5. FULL mailing address.

For more details, go here.