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  News Archive for July 2001

 July 28, 2001

Best Light Cav. Unit
Posted @ 6:31 PM || Cherub Weezul

Elite_Pandur has started an interesting discussion on the best light cavalry unit in Cossacks. Voice your opinions in his thread.

 July 26, 2001

Forum Party this Saturday!
Posted @ 12:54 PM || Cherub Weezul

Cherub Petard Rusher has announced a forum party for this Saturday at 8PM EST. Be sure to be there, there should be some great games. You can find the post here

Add-On News
Posted @ 11:08 AM || Cherub Weezul

The German magazine PC Games recently published an article about the Cossacks add-on. The article suggests that the add-on will actually be a second standalone game. You can find the article on the PC Games site. For those of our readers that aren't able to read German, the article has been translated in the forums.

 July 25, 2001

UK Gamer Cossacks Review
Posted @ 10:38 PM || Angel Socrateius

UK Gamer has reviewed Cossacks, and found it a very good game, giving it a 9 out of 10. They made a couple references to Age of Empires, both "positively" and "negatively". Here's an excerpt from the article:

After reading about the huge amount of units present in the game I wondered how many nations were actually featured in Cossacks. The answer? Sixteen entire nations, all with their own technology trees, all with their own units and buildings, and every one of them playable. Age of Empires, eat your heart out (with a spoon!)

 July 22, 2001

Cossacks UK Version Patch
Posted @ 9:14 PM || Angel Socrateius

For those of you in the UK with the Cossacks CD not recognising the CD-ROM drive, GSC has released a patch just for you, fixing that problem. The patch is at the Cossacks Official Site Downloads Section.

PC Arena Cossacks Review
Posted @ 9:10 PM || Angel Socrateius

PC Arena has written a review on Cossacks. They really seemed to like the game, and gave it a whopping 10 out of 10. Here's an excerpt from the article:

The graphics of this game are very good compared to other RTS games.The game also uses 3D contoured scenery, which means that placing cannon on a hill really does give you an advantage in range and accuracy. I found the movement of the ships and cannon to be smooth, which can often be a problem on RTS games.
Overall, this is an excellent RTS game which surely rivals the like of Red Alert 2. Good gameplay complemented by good graphics make this an excellent game.

Table for Cossacks
Posted @ 9:05 PM || Angel Socrateius

It seems someone has been working hard recently. [RK]Warlord has made an enormous table compiling information about all the units, upgrades, creation costs, trainings cost, and parameters. You really should check it out, the table is incredible.

 July 18, 2001

Announcing the Cossacks Heaven Pub!
Posted @ 10:23 PM || Angel Socrateius

Cossacks Heaven has decided to open an outside discussions forum, the Pub. The forum will be where fellow Heaven visitors can pull up a chair, order a drink, and chat. So if you're in the mood to just chat with some Cossacks players, head on over to the Cossacks Heaven Pub!

 July 16, 2001

Forums News
Posted @ 2:00 PM || Cherub Weezul

NMA_FISHMANPET has started writing a forums story about a fictional war. Quite a good read. Go and check it out here, in the General Discussion. Also, FISH has started a petition for a Cossacks Heaven Outside Discussions forum. Voice your support/flamez here.

 July 15, 2001

Guide of Austria
Posted @ 9:00 PM || Angel Socrateius

Cherub Krud has written a guide on the Austrians. The guide includes information on all the aspects of the nation, along with a couple charts comparing the Austrian units with their other country counterparts. Be sure to check out this guide to learn the basics of the Austrians, or just to brush up on the civ.

  • Austria: a Guide

  • Shot Power Calculator
    Posted @ 1:49 PM || Cherub Weezul has developed a useful little tool for calculating the shot power of your units after they have received various upgrades. You can find the program here

    Resource Trading in the Add-on
    Posted @ 1:44 PM || Cherub Weezul

    The Cossacks Fanpage has posted several screens of one of the new features in the add-on: Resource sharing. You can find the screenshots here:
    Screenshot #1

    Screenshot #2

    Screenshot #3

     July 14, 2001

    Farming vs Fishing: a Guide
    Posted @ 11:52 PM || Angel Socrateius

    Cherub Krud has submitted a guide/analysis on farming versus fishing in Cossacks. It includes many informative charts to help organize all the information in the article. Anyone wanting to improve their game should check this great article out now.

  • Farming vs Fishing: a Guide

  •  July 13, 2001

    Announcing the Tournament of the Generals
    Posted @ 8:08 PM || Cherub Weezul

    Cossacks Heaven Tournament of Generals Press Release
    Friday, July 13, 2001

    Cossacks Heaven has announced a new Cossacks: European Wars tournament, the Tournament of Generals.

    One of the first non-official tournaments, the Tournament of the Generals will match up players from around the Cossacks community in 1v1 random map games to determine the undisputed champion of the online Cossacks Community. It will be held within the Cossacks shell, in the following weeks of the summer. The prizes have yet to be announced.

    To register, visit the post in the Cossacks Heaven General Discussion forum.
    For any additional information do not hesitate to contact tournament director Cherub Weezul at

    Tournament of the Generals Forum Thread

    Tournament of the Generals Official Page

    FAQ Updated
    Posted @ 7:51 PM || Angel Socrateius

    Cherub TNK has given the Cossacks Heaven General FAQ a much-needed update. It now has the latest information on everything that has changed in the Cossacks realm, including x-pack and sequel information. Be sure to check out the updated FAQ now.

  • General FAQ

  • More Add-On Screens
    Posted @ 3:18 PM || Cherub Weezul

    The Cossacks Fanpage has posted more screenshots of the Cutter, a new frigate type vessel that will be availible in the soon-to-be released expansion. You can find the screens here.

     July 12, 2001

    New Hills in Add-On
    Posted @ 5:39 PM || Cherub Weezul

    The Cossacks fanpage has posted some neat screenshots of some new hills that will be featured in the highly anticipated expansion. You can find the screens here.

     July 11, 2001

    Cossacks Heaven's 100,000th Hit!
    Posted @ 3:34 PM || Angel Socrateius

    Cossacks Heaven has finally passed its 100,000th hit. Congratulations and thank you to the rest of the Cossacks Heaven staff!

    I also thank the visitors of this site. Without you guys, none of this would have been possible.

     July 10, 2001

    I'm Back
    Posted @ 11:06 PM || Angel Socrateius

    I'm back from vacation and ready to work again. So any articles should be sent to me again, as well as questions.


     July 8, 2001

    Map Editor Info:
    Posted @ 2:49 PM || Cherub Weezul

    That Cossacks Fan Page has posted some screens of the upcoming Cossacks map editor that will be included in the soon-to-be-released expansion pack. The screens show some of the features of the editor and the interface. All you map makers should take a look at this.
    7.12.01 Correction- Do'h! I called it the Cossacks Unoffical Site! *Eats self*

     July 7, 2001

    Cossacks coming to Portugal!
    Posted @ 8:07 PM || Cherub Weezul

    Thats right! CDV has announced that Cossacks: European Wars will be released in Portugal. They will be distributing the game through Porto Editora of Lisboa. It should be availible in the third quarter of 2001.