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  News Archive for June 2004

 June 8, 2004

New information on Cossacks II
Posted @ 4:57 AM || Cherub Gaiseric

Cossacks II was recently featured in the June 2004 Dutch edition of PC Gameplay. The feature shed more light on what we can expect from GSC Gameworld's highly anticipated Napoleonic era RTS:

Cossacks 2 is going completely 3D we said about 2 years ago. Since then it has been relatively quiet around this promising RTS-game. Until now, because there is finally some new information. The 3D engine has remained at least. Cossacks 2 has 10 different European nations and 6 large campaigns having 10 missions each, that play between 1600 and 1900. The game does emphasize on the wars, fought by Napoleon. More than 100 different units and 160 buildings will be offered to you and surprisingly is that Cossacks 2 has a 3D physics engine that can realistic calculate every course of projectiles (muskets, cannons,..) Formations, diplomacy, multiplayer,… it has it all.

Many thanks to Berend for the heads-up and translation.

 June 1, 2004

Post E3 news...
Posted @ 5:05 PM || Sharpe novel reader

We are awaiting a response from GSC over the interview qquestions we sent them late last month and are hoping for a response soon Tjhe official russian cossacks II website has a fansite kit now available which also contains a number of screenshots for use as backgrounds to your site. I would upload them here but its explicitly forbbiden not to use them as screenshots instead of backgrounds so to see them you need to download the kit yourself from