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  News Archive for June 2003

 June 29, 2003

Happy Birthday ET!
Posted @ 10:28 AM || Sharpe novel reader

Today it's our very own seraph, ET FLAVIUS's Birthday Let's hope he enjoys his day and gets lots of computer related goodies! Although not as importnat as CH's birthday I thought he deserved a mention anyhow

 June 19, 2003

Cossacks II
Posted @ 8:38 AM || Sharpe novel reader

I have a Cossacks II FAQ and Gallery up now with lots of the goodies we have had released by GSC. To visit them click HERE

 June 18, 2003

Cossacks II Desktop
Posted @ 12:08 PM || Sharpe novel reader

ET suggested I ought to throw together a desktop for Cossacks II using some of the materials we currently have. I've had it uploaded to the downloads section so if you fancy booting up your PC to the worlds best upcoming game take a look at it HERE. It's designed for 1024x768 resolution so sorry to those with larger desktops (Like myself!) you will have to center it

GSC launches new forum...
Posted @ 11:52 AM || Sharpe novel reader

Over at GSC's Website they have opened up a Cossacks II forum. Maybe this is the sign that extremely soon the hungry community is going to be able to view yet more glimpses of Cossacks II?

 June 16, 2003

Total Video Games Interview
Posted @ 11:39 AM || Sharpe novel reader

Total Video Games recently had an interview with Oleg Yavorsky, GSC's PR manager. The interview contains a number of surprises such as that GSC is even going to extreme detail with unique regiments for countries such as the imperial guard for France.
The interview also unveils more about the games engine and how it is primarily 2D. As the clip explains below this is mainly due to hardware not currently being at a high enough level to cope with GSC's requirements for their epic titles.

"One little bone of contention was the fact that the game is still 2D and not 3D but this was explained and will remain the same. The team believed that 3D technologies have not yet attained the level acceptable for creation of massive combat strategies in the graphical quality appropriate. The advantages of shifting to 3D in strategies are rather doubtful too, as they often serve more to complicate the game, rather than make it greater fun to play (map rotating, for instance). That's why GCS preferred to stick to good old 2D. Nevertheless, the new engine created for Cossacks II uses 3D-accelerators and will support a full range of spectacular effects (explosions, for example), provide a rich colour palette and so on. Some game units will probably be in 3D too."

As usual the interview is an extremely good read and anyone wishing to see the finer points of the Cossacks II specification should read it

To read the full interview click HERE

 June 15, 2003

MOD1 Pages...
Posted @ 2:54 AM || Sharpe novel reader

The publicity screenshots have now been fixed. Thanks to those who pointed it out to me

 June 14, 2003

MOD1 Pages
Posted @ 3:05 AM || Sharpe novel reader

In complete appreciation of Baddog's and Stefan's work on MOD1 I unveil our MOD1 pages. They not only include lists of features but screenshots and renders of the new units. To visit it click HERE
Sorry for this taking so long the pages were done over a month ago but we have had problems with our nav bar and other stuff!

 June 12, 2003

GSC Press Release
Posted @ 12:39 PM || Sharpe novel reader

GSC have released information on there upcoming sequel to Cossacks The official list of features in Cossacks II may be found below :

  • Historical real-time strategy game on a new 3D engine
  • True color 3D landscape with immense tactical possibilities
  • Support of the latest video boards generation, pixel and vertex shaders etc
  • European war conflicts of the 19th century, Napoleonic Wars in particular
  • Battles in real historical scope of up to 64 000 units on the map at once
  • 6 European nations : France, Britain, Austria, Russia, Prussia, Egypt
  • Over 150 unique units and 180 types of buildings
  • Over 1000 pieces of flora and fauna
  • True-to-history campaigns with historical personalities as army commanders
  • Economy and army control brought to a new level
  • Military commander simulation
  • Simulated historical battles in single- and multiplayer vs AI
  • Extended formations and tactical orders
  • Realistic morale and fatigue factors
  • Extensive diplomacy system
  • 3D physics engine guaranteeing realistic flight paths for all kinds of projectiles
  • Multiplayer game via LAN or Internet: Deathmatch, Historical Battle and European Conquest modes

    Well after that list I can certainly say Cossacks II : napoleonic Wars is going to keep me happy for a long time! To read the full press release head over to GSC's Website

  • Cossacks II update at Gamespot
    Posted @ 12:22 PM || Sharpe novel reader

    Gamespot today have an update on Cossacks II including 4 more gorgeous screenshots

    The update includes confirmation that 4 nations have been dropped from the game and that indeed only 6 nations (France, Britain, Austria, Russia, Prussia, and Egypt) will be shipped. It also mentions how the focus will be purely on the 1800's and will feature the huge epic scale battles of the period allowing players to ahve up to 64,000 units!

    However what sounds best is the fact that single player historical battles are to be included This is due to the newly developed AI with improved pathfinding and formation tactics.

    All the all the update sounds awesome and I can't wait to get my hands on a copy of the game. To read the whole article click HERE

     June 1, 2003

    American Conquest Fight Back box art!
    Posted @ 3:23 PM || Sharpe novel reader

    It appears that CDV have two version of box art depending on your country. Germany has had this box art HERE whereas Britain will be receiving this box art HERE. There has been speculation that the idea is is that it is "patriotic" to your home country ie. US has Soldiers in blue, UK has soldiers in red.
    Thanks to Wellington111 for sending me a link to the box arts for American Conquest.