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  News Archive for June 2002

 June 24, 2002

Posted @ 6:08 PM || TNK

As you can see, I've redesigned the site, with some help from Angel Jeru. I've also added 15 new American Conquest screenshots, added SNR's AC FAQ, updated the links section, and some reorganization. E-mail any comments to me.

 June 20, 2002

AC Screenshots at Worthplaying
Posted @ 10:57 AM || TNK has some new screenshots of American Conquest. They show off units and buildings of the game's Mayan civilization. You can see the screenshots here.

 June 14, 2002

Have a Question For GSC?
Posted @ 4:32 PM || TNK

Do you have a question for Cossacks developer GSC? Well, there is a possibility that Cossacks Heaven might get an interview with one of the developers. You can ask your questions in this thread in our forums.

 June 13, 2002

American Conquest Box Art
Posted @ 2:30 PM || TNK

CDV has released the newest box art for GSC's American Conquest. It has a sword and shield dividing a European army from a Native American army. You can check it out here.

 June 6, 2002

American Conquest FAQ
Posted @ 4:45 PM || TNK

Cherub Sharpe novel reader, who wrote the Cossacks Forum FAQ, has written another FAQ about American Conquest. If your wondering what AC is, or want information about the game, head over here.