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  News Archive for June 2001

 June 30, 2001

Cossacks Heaven Party Time
Posted @ 4:46 PM || Angel ET

Thanks to Cherub TNK Cossacks Heaven is having a forum party on Sunday, July 1st at 7 PM EST.

Everyone is invited to participate, and additional information and instructions can be found in this thread Here .

Post your RSPV intentions, and party ON!!!

Many thanks Cherub TNK

 June 28, 2001

I Will Be Absent from CH for the Next Few Days
Posted @ 3:32 PM || Angel Socrateius

I will be leaving for vacation tommorow, June 29th and will be back on July 11th. While I'm absent, any questions should be sent to Angel ET at, and I'm sure he'll help you out. Any articles that you wish to be added to the academy should also be sent to ET during my absence.

Thank you

 June 27, 2001

New Review
Posted @ 1:44 PM || Cherub Weezul

I found another review of Cossacks on They loved the game (Who wouldn't ) and gave it excellent marks across the board. The remark that "[Cossacks]has more substance than Age of Empires" and the "visual rendering is plainly fantastic". Be sure to check it out.

Just released: Cossacks Patch
Posted @ 4:29 AM || Angel ET

GSC has released the US/Canadian version patch. If you would like to D/L right away, it is available Patch . The X-pak is still in the works so be patient.

 June 24, 2001

Blockhouse Screenshot
Posted @ 8:49 PM || Cherub Weezul

The Cossacks Fanpage has posted screenshots of the blockhouse from the upcoming expansion pack. The blockhouse is essentially a bunker that your men can garrison inside of for protection from the enemy. You can find the screenshot here. This should stop those pesky Algerian archer rushes

Duke it out for control of Europe!
Posted @ 12:41 AM || Cherub Weezul

Elrod the Unready has started an all-out battle for control of Europe! Come join in on the fun and get in on the action. You can find the thread here.

 June 21, 2001

More Add-On News
Posted @ 8:12 PM || Cherub Weezul

SpitfireVII forwarded this little tidbit my way.. X-Pack news is coming in fast now. Its seems the GSC will also be tweaking the game balance in the upcoming expansion pack, most notably, reducing the power of Algeria and Russia. Thanks Spit.

 June 20, 2001

Ukrainian Campaign Completely Walkthroughed
Posted @ 5:52 PM || Angel Socrateius

The extremely hard-working Cherub Krud has completed walkthroughing the Ukrainian Campaign in single player Cossacks. Each of his walkthroughs are extremely in-depth and informative, and should be able to help out anyone that is having trouble with that scenario. But if you want to just get a rough idea of what to do in Cossacks' single player scenarios, go check out the great walkthroughs in the Cossacks Fanpage

  • Cossacks Walkthroughs

  • Ukrainian Mission #7 Walkthrough
    Posted @ 5:47 PM || Angel Socrateius

    Cherub Krud has written his walkthrough of the 7th Ukrainian mission. As with all of his walkthroughs, it is highly informative and helpful, so go check it out!

  • Ukrainian Mission #7 Walkthrough

  • Add-On Update
    Posted @ 4:14 PM || Cherub Weezul

    It seems that in the upcoming Add-On for Cossacks, there may be a special fortified tower for sea maps. This feature is currently being tested and may or may not be included. Also, GSC is tweaking the paramaters of cannons. They will be more expensive, and will also be more effective against ships. Thanks a lot to SpitfireVII for forwarding this my way.

     June 19, 2001

    Ukrainian Mission #6 Walkthrough
    Posted @ 4:41 PM || Angel Socrateius

    The hard-working Cherub Krud has completed his sixth walkthrough, this time detailing the the 6th Ukrainian mission. As with all of his walkthroughs, it's a great read for those who are having trouble with it.

  • Ukrainian Mission #6 Walkthrough

  •  June 17, 2001

    Ukrainian Mission #5 Walkthrough
    Posted @ 4:29 PM || Angel Socrateius

    Cherub Krud has written a walkthrough for the 5th Ukrainian mission. It is extremely helpful and in-depth, and even includes screenshots to help the reader better understand the article.

  • Ukrainian Mission #5 Walkthrough

  •  June 16, 2001

    Algerian Guide
    Posted @ 8:05 PM || Angel Socrateius

    Cherub Krud has written a guide to the Algerian Civilization, one of the 2 "desert-civilizations" in Cossacks. It includes information on aspects of the civilization from their economy to their army. The article also includes the specs on Algeria's archer & xebec and their European counterparts, the mercenary archer & battleship

  • Algeria: A Guide

  •  June 15, 2001

    Ukrainian Mission #4 Walkthrough
    Posted @ 2:01 PM || Angel Socrateius

    Cherub Krud has written a walkthrough for the 4th Ukrainian Mission. It is well written, and should be able to help anyone that's having trouble with that mission. Go ahead and check it out, it's a good read.

  • Ukrainian Mission #4 Walkthrough

  • New Article: Pikeman Rushing
    Posted @ 1:06 PM || Angel Socrateius

    There is now a new Pikeman Rushing FAQ in our FAQ section, written by Cherub TNK. The FAQ covers the basics of pikeman rushing, one of the most commonly used strategies in Cossacks. It's in the easy to read FAQ format, so go ahead and check it out.

  • Pikeman Rushing FAQ

  • Interview at Strategy Gaming Online
    Posted @ 11:41 AM || Cherub Weezul

    I know its a bit old, but I found an interesting interview at Strategy Gaming Online with the creator of Cossacks:European Wars, Anton Bolshakov. Even though its from before the game was shipped here in the US, it is a good way for those who are unfamiliar with the game to get aquainted. You can find the interview here.

     June 13, 2001

    A new review I found..
    Posted @ 6:58 PM || Cherub Weezul

    I came across a new review of Cossacks:European Wars. The review is at They gave it some excellent scores, all of them in the 9's. Be sure to check out the review here

     June 11, 2001

    Many Welcome New Additions
    Posted @ 9:15 PM || Angel Socrateius

    As you may have noticed, there have been 4 new additions to Cossacks Heaven's ranks. They are all skilled and dedicated in their own way, and are great people. Rather than congratulating and acknowledging them in one news post, I felt they deseved more than that.

    Congratulations to you guys, you definitely earned it!

    Cherub Krud, Article Writer Extrordinaire
    Posted @ 9:11 PM || Angel Socrateius

    Last but most definitely not least, Cherub Krud has been given a brand new set of wings. He'll be an article writer and will help keep those Cossacks Heaven pages up-to-date. Krud has helped out Cossacks Heaven in the past, and he's a welcome addition to our team .

    Congrats Krud, you've just made CH a little kruddier ....yeah, I know, cheap joke

    Cherub TNK, Your Forum Police
    Posted @ 9:07 PM || Angel Socrateius

    Cherub TNK has just been given new wings, and he'll use them to patrol the Cossacks Heaven forums and keep the forum rules in check. He's a great guy, but don't you cross him .

    Congratulations TNK, you should keep those forumming rapscallions in line

    Welcome Cherub Merepatra
    Posted @ 8:59 PM || Angel Socrateius

    Another person has been given a new pair of wings, this time it is Cherub Merepatra, most well-known at CityBuilder Heaven. Merepatra will be the Cossacks Heaven editor, and make sure that every one of our articles are free of flaw.

    Congratulations Merepatra!

    Cherub Weezul?
    Posted @ 8:48 PM || Angel Socrateius

    Say hello to your new newsie, Cherub Weezul. Weezul will be taking over myself and Angel ET's job of updating the news daily, though he'll update it a little more often . If you have any news that you would like to be posted on Cossacks Heaven, please send it to him at

    Congratulations Weezul, and welcome to the team!

     June 4, 2001

    Formations Analysis Article
    Posted @ 9:12 PM || Angel Socrateius

    Krud139 has submitted yet another article to Cossacks Heaven. This article analyzes the formations that groups of units may take. It is an excellent read for those who are new to the game, and a good review for experienced players.

  • Formations Analysis (By Krud139)

  •  June 1, 2001

    Map Creators Unite: Editor Discussion
    Posted @ 2:40 AM || Angel ET

    How about joining in on this detailed discussion concerning the use of the existing Map Editor. The bilingual requirement will be addressed so we can all understand the working mechanisms within this editor. Check this out in the Scenario/Map Creation Forums: Here

    On the General Discussions Forums there's a thread asking: Have you completed the Single player Campaigns? Please post your status, it will be a great help to know this information.

    Thanks for your participation