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  News Archive for May 2003

 May 30, 2003

New Gamespot Screens!
Posted @ 4:18 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Some concept art and a a few new in game shots are included in this group of 5 screenshots which can be seen HERE. As usual I had to mop my chin after looking at them!

If you look carefully at the in game screenshot of the army in front of a fortress you can see that they have included proper anti cavalry squares with men facing outwards in all directions :D

The Screenshot of the town also raises a few questions. Will the bridges be buildable as normal buildings or will they be scenario placed features only? Will men be garrisoned in buildings like in AC?

The extreme high quality of these screenshots only make me even more eager to get my hands on the game, I just can't wait!!!

 May 24, 2003

New Cossacks II Preview at Gamespot
Posted @ 5:07 AM || Cherub Gaiseric

A new article on Cossacks II has appeared at Gamespot, containing their impressions of the game as they saw it at E3. Excerpt:"Cossacks II will feature an all-new 3D engine that will allow for weather effects (such as rain and snow) and 3D terrain..."

Sounds good, doesn't it?

You may view the entire article here.

 May 21, 2003

The Wargamer Preview
Posted @ 3:04 PM || Sharpe novel reader

The Wargamer has an impressive preview along with even more impressive screenshots! Check them out HERE

Thanks to TNK for pointing this out to me

 May 20, 2003

AC Section updates!
Posted @ 6:01 AM || Sharpe novel reader

Natalinasmpf has very kindly rewritten the formation bonuses guide with a clear and concise guide to how the upgrades help your troops. To read it click HERE

I too have been busy and finally we have the first 4 nations units guides up in the academy I expect to have the remaining 8 nations finsihed by the endof the week To see these guides click HERE

 May 18, 2003

Campaign Walkthroughs :D
Posted @ 4:00 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Marcus Maximus has done a great job in writing up walkthroughs for the first 4 campaigns in AC. To read them click HERE

 May 14, 2003

AC Addon Screens!
Posted @ 6:38 AM || Sharpe novel reader

Gamespy also has some AC Addon screens which you can see HERE whilst no where near as impressive as the Cossacks II screenies they are still pretty amazing and show us a good outline for a great expansion pack to a truly superb game

Cossacks II Screenshots!
Posted @ 6:35 AM || Sharpe novel reader

What else can I say to these sweet babies from Gamespy except "SWEEEEET!". These new screenshots are pure proof that the guys at GSC are on their way to making another truly wicked game. By the looks of things GSC is incorporating night and day into the game as their seems to be a night time screenie of a french cannon crew. My favourite however is the screenie of the city

To view them click HERE

Posted @ 6:13 AM || Sharpe novel reader

I've reorganised the E3 screenshots from last year now so that they are in the proper place in the AC media section. To visit them click HERE. As you can see from the nav bar we have a MOD1 section coming up. For some reason the page is restricted but that should be sorted out soon along with the glitch we have in the nav bar!

 May 13, 2003

New Toons!
Posted @ 6:00 AM || Sharpe novel reader

Thanks to everyone who has been sending them in We've finally managed to get an update in the Cossacks toons section Once again anyone wishing to send toons in should send them to with a title of "toons"

More updates coming soon!

 May 9, 2003

Media Section!
Posted @ 11:40 AM || Sharpe novel reader

A new area has now opened in the AC section which over time will be full of screenshots and other cool glimpses from the game! Currently there are some renders from AC in there kindly sent to us by Pepsi from GSC.

 May 7, 2003

Cossacks II in German Magazine
Posted @ 1:21 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Computer Bild, one of Germany's largest computer magazines has an article in it on Cossacks II! This is certainly one thingwe weren't expecting in the buildup to E3 as we expected the biggest unveiling to be made there. To see some of the stuff visit the German CDV boards HERE

 May 5, 2003

Cossacks II Screenie!
Posted @ 4:08 PM || Sharpe novel reader

A new screenie for Cossacks II has been found It clearly shows improvement from earlier screenshots and I can't wait to see what can be dug up at E3. To view the screenie click HERE

CDV E3 Lineup
Posted @ 4:37 AM || Sharpe novel reader

So far Cossacks II isn't listed in CDV's lineup for E3 however Gamespot has reported that the full lineup will only be known at the show so there is still hope!

CDV's Current lineup :

Game Name / Platform
Blitzkrieg / PC
Breed / PC
Codename Panzers / PC
Galaxy Andromeda / PC
No Man's Land / PC
The Kore Gang / XB
Vultures / XB

To read Gamespot's news article click HERE

EDIT : Thanks to fists of rage we now know that Cossacks II will be displayed. However CDV had not included it in their lineup. Click here to see