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  News Archive for May 2002

 May 29, 2002

HeavenGames's Looks at American Conquest
Posted @ 5:44 PM || TNK

Some of our own Angels (Angel Spineman, CEO of HeavenGames, Angel Draco, seraph of Age of Wonders Heaven, Angel Farmgirl, Seraph of Dungeon Siege Heaven, and Angel Thunder, Seraph of Age of Mythology Heaven) went to E3 this year and checked out American Conquest. They posted their opinions and a couple of screenshots from the show here.

The units looked fantastic in the action that we saw and the battles were amazing. The kewlest part of the battles was that the units expressed their feelings or morale with short statements that appeared over their head. You can see them in the left screenshot above. The statements were really funny actually... stuff like "I don't want to die", and "Mommy!".

 May 24, 2002

Gamespot's American Conquest Impressions
Posted @ 8:52 PM || TNK

Gamespot has posted their own preview of American Conquest based on their experiences with it at E3. Here is part of the preview:

Those familiar with Cossacks, or the majority of CDV's RTS games, won't be surprised to know that units in American Conquest gain experience in the heat of battle and can acquire additional skills. What is surprising, however, is that morale also plays a major role. If you send disheartened soldiers against a well-honed French platoon, they might run off. By contrast, if you send a small group of devoted troops against them, they could tear an opening wide enough to send the rest of your troops ahead.

 May 23, 2002

IGN PC's American Conquest Impressions
Posted @ 9:17 PM || TNK

PC IGN had an opportunity to see American Conquest in action at E3, and now they have posted their impressions of it. Here is part of the preview:

As you can probably tell, American Conquest promises to be a hardcore, historical simulation, focusing primarily on authenticity rather than pure fun and enjoyment. However, that doesn't mean CDV is willing to sacrifice some good old fashion action. In fact, the game promises to support 16,000 unit battles, ensuring some epic confrontations. I was fortunate enough to observe such a battle, and let me tell you, it was quite a site to behold. My American battalion, equipped with muskets, fended off a horde of Aztec fighters, who ended up retreating with cries for help (quite literally - soldiers morale is displayed in small blurbs of onscreen dialog). Very cool.

 May 22, 2002

American Conquest Screens
Posted @ 2:45 PM || TNK

Gamespy has 3 new screenshots of American Conquest, a game by GSC that uses the Cossacks engine, from E3. Go here to see them.

 May 18, 2002

Gamespy Reviews The Art of War
Posted @ 4:37 PM || TNK

Gamespy has posted their review of The Art of War, giving it an 83/100. Here is part of the review:

Cossacks: The Art of War is a welcome expansion for a game that really shouldn't be overlooked.

 May 12, 2002

Units Section Updated
Posted @ 5:22 PM || TNK

I've updated all the unit stats in our Units Section for the Art of War. Check 'em out.

 May 11, 2002

New Back to War Screenshots
Posted @ 6:41 PM || TNK

CDV has released 10 new screenshots of the upcomming second Cossacks expansion pack. You can see them here.

 May 10, 2002

Ladder at CH?
Posted @ 5:03 PM || TNK

Cherub SNR has posted a thread in the forums asking what you think about the idea of a multi-player ladder at CH. Other ladders at Age of Kings Heaven, Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds Heaven, Stronghold Heaven, and Empire Earth Heaven have become very successful. So go here and voice you opinions!

 May 1, 2002

Gameaxis review of the Art of War
Posted @ 2:27 PM || TNK has now reviewed the Art of War, giving it a 7.5/10. Here is an excerpt from the review:

Overall Cossacks: Art of War is a true gem and is highly recommended for Cossack fans. I would also recommend war gamers to give Cossacks: European War a second look.