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  News Archive for May 2001

 May 24, 2001

A New Batch of Screenshots
Posted @ 4:47 PM || Angel Socrateius

Another set of screenshots have been added to Cossacks Heaven, this time with the French and Saxonian armies pitted against each other. Be sure and check out the screenshots, which include French King's Musketeers and Saxonian Riders.

  • Cossacks Screenshots

  • HeavenGames' Age of Mythology E3 Preview
    Posted @ 4:35 PM || Angel Socrateius

    HeavenGames, LLC. Press Release:
    May 24th, 2001

    Age of Mythology E3 Preview

    Angel Zen of Age of Kings Heaven walks us through the different stages of the Age of Mythology demo which was shown at E3. In his article, he shares his photographs of the game in action and his first impressions of this upcoming RTS from Ensemble Studios. If you couldn't make it to E3 to check out this game, this is about the next best thing.

    New Look at HG Main
    Posted @ 12:00 PM || Angel Socrateius

    It's been felt that the HeavenGames mainpage has needed a redesign for a while, so the site has gone through a facelift. The architect of this redesign is Angel Zen, everyone give him a hand!!

     May 21, 2001

    Cossacks Wallpaper
    Posted @ 7:55 PM || Angel Socrateius

    For those of you that need a bit more Cossacks on their computer, Cossacks Heaven has created a Cossacks wallpaper. It includes the Cossacks logo in front center, with screenshots of the game in the background. There is one for a computer with a 800x640 resolution, as well as 1024x768.

    800x600 Resolution Wallpaper   1024x768 Resolution Wallpaper

     May 20, 2001

    New GSC Game: American Conquest!
    Posted @ 6:04 PM || Angel Socrateius

    GSC Game World, the makers of Cossacks, have announced American Conquest, a game centered around "the history of vast American expanses exploration". Here's an excerpt from the information given by GSC:

    On the 12 October 1492 a squadron of three battered ships was relentlessly driven by warm wind towards one of the Bahamian archipelago isles. That sunny day became the day of New World discovery and encounter with its inhabitants. The aborigines gave the uninvited guests a hearty welcome. The latter repaid them in kind, by generously bestowing glass beads and other trinkets on the barbarians. No words can be found to describe the joy of the newcomers when they took a closer look at locals’ gifts: they were of pure gold. That could mean only one thing - these peaceful lands have faced an unprecedented disaster. It was not the desire to explore the globe that urged European rulers outfit expeditions. It was a far cry from a noble incentive that forced Columbus and many of his followers make their way to the New World. These expeditions had the only goal: capture as much gold, silver, spices and slaves as possible, and the means to obtain that did not matter. Long before that Egyptians and Phoenicians, Vandals and Vikings tackled similar trade. But this time it all acquired a strikingly huge scale accompanied by merciless conquering and even exterminating of the whole peoples. Colonies could decide the fate of war-exhausted European countries, their further well-being and flourishing. There were no battles so usual for a European eye here: piracy and war, trade and smuggling, superficial nobility and guile - all the ways fit to get the grip of the New World. That was a way of development to allow a new civilization emerge here in hundreds of years.

    This sounds like an exciting new game, you can discuss about it here. I can't wait for the release. But the expansion pack should tide me over 8-)

    Cheats Section Updated
    Posted @ 5:50 PM || Angel Socrateius

    The cheats section has been updated with the full version cheats, along with information on the previously unknown "AI", "IZMENA", and "MULTIVAR" cheats. Enjoy

  • Cheats Section

  •  May 18, 2001

    Cossacks Add-On List from GSC
    Posted @ 3:12 AM || Angel ET

    Check out the Cossacks Add-On mega features list. Some of the new offerings will make this already incredible game the very best for any serious player, who is looking for total addiction. Ah...Yes, a MAP Editor!! is on the list, thank you,'ve saved our scenario creating souls.

    Check this Cossack Heaven Forums General Discussion thread out.. Add-on List, and post your comments, and thanks for the information.

    Much appreciation from Cossacks Heaven..thanks GSC.

     May 15, 2001

    GSC offers game help
    Posted @ 6:58 PM || Angel ET

    GSC has posted a new thread for those who might need a game feature explained or maybe some assistance with those seemly impossible campaigns.

    The developers are the best resource, so post your questions in this thread Game Questions

    We certainly appreciate GSC's efforts toward their game, and taking time in offering this bonus to our players. Thank you from Cossacks Heaven.

     May 14, 2001

    Ukrainian Mission #3 Walkthrough
    Posted @ 9:22 PM || Angel Socrateius

    Krud139 has submitted yet another walkthrough, this time one of the 3rd Ukrainian mission.

  • Ukrainian Mission #3 Walkthrough (By Krud139)

  •  May 13, 2001

    New Academy Section: Civilizations
    Posted @ 10:04 PM || Angel Socrateius

    A new academy section has opened up that is dedicated to the civilizations in cossacks. It will include analyses on aspects of the civilizations, as well as civilization specific strategies. So go ahead and check out Civilizations.

  • Civilizations

  • 5 New Academy Articles
    Posted @ 1:16 PM || Angel Socrateius

    Cherub Pertard Rusher has submitted several articles to the academy. They are very good reads, covering everything from the Russian Spearman Rush to the preferred steps when starting a game.

  • Poland: A Guide

  • Russian Spearman Rush

  • Best Peacetime Civ: Ukraine

  • Basic Start

  • Mercenary Rush

  • Walkthrough Links Fixed
    Posted @ 12:43 PM || Angel Socrateius

    For those of you who weren't able to read the 2 Ukrainian walkthroughs due to an incorrect link, they've been fixed. I apologise for any confusion.

  • Ukrainian Mission #1 Walkthrough (By Krud139)
  • Ukrainian Mission #2 Walkthrough (By Krud139)

  •  May 12, 2001

    2nd Ukrainian Mission Walkthrough
    Posted @ 10:10 AM || Angel Socrateius

    The ever-diligent Krud has written yet another walkthrough, this time of the 2nd Ukrainian Mission.

  • Ukrainian Mission #2 Walkthrough (By Krud139)

  • Cossacks Fanpage Reaches 100,000 Hits!
    Posted @ 10:02 AM || Angel Socrateius

    The Cossacks Fanpage has had their 100,000th visitor. Congratulations to Stefan and all of the Fanpage staff!

     May 11, 2001

    Ukrainian Mission #1 Walkthrough
    Posted @ 7:01 PM || Angel Socrateius

    Krud139 has written an excellent walkthrough of the 1st mission in the Ukrainian campaign. It's a good read for anyone having trouble with that mission.

  • Ukrainian Mission #1 Walkthrough (By Krud139)

  •  May 10, 2001

    Cossacks Review at
    Posted @ 5:44 PM || Angel Socrateius

    The fine folks at Intelgamer have written a review of Cossacks. I appears that they did not like the game, but everyone's free to have and express their own opinion 8-)

    When I received the evaluation copy of Cossacks: European Wars, I thought to myself "Great, another RTS." In more ways than one, this game is just another RTS...

    ...So, do I have anything nice to say about the game? Not much. I could say the graphics were nice, but there again, they reminded me of Age of Empires II. There was nothing truly original in this game. Overall, this was a very mediocre, lack luster game. If anything, it managed to reinforce my dislike for RTS games. If you are looking for an RTS to play, go play Age of Empires II or Kohan. Stay away from Cossacks: European Wars.

     May 9, 2001

    Cossacks for only $27!
    Posted @ 6:32 PM || Angel Socrateius

    Compuexpert has Cossacks on their 48 hour madness sale, and they're selling it for an amazing $27.90(American)! While you may be able to get Cossacks from other places for $45, you can get Cossacks at Compuexpert for only $27, saving you a whopping 18 Dollars!

    If you would like to buy Cossacks for this amazing deal, please use the link on this page and support HeavenGames!

     May 8, 2001

    Add-on Screenshots at Cossacks Fanpage
    Posted @ 5:22 PM || Angel Socrateius

    Cossacks Fanpage has added two more add-on screenshots to their screenshots section. Be sure to check out the destroyed building and chest, and all the other add-on screenshots.

     May 7, 2001

    Two American Patches Announced!
    Posted @ 8:29 AM || Angel Socrateius

    GSC has announced that two American patches are going to be released in the near future. The patches will fix the installation problems and game crashing that some of the American players are experiencing with the game. Here is what was said in the Official Cossacks Messageboard

    Sorry to all those American players who have been suffering from the game installation and crashing problems. We understand all the inconveniences this caused and are working persistently to remove all these troubles. In the nearest future we'll come up with two separate patches fixing them. - GSC

     May 6, 2001

    Screenshots Section Updated
    Posted @ 6:46 PM || Angel Socrateius

    Especially for those of you without the full version of Cossacks, the screenshots section has been updated with the first CH screenshots of the Cossacks full version. Be sure to check out the Russian, Turkish, and Austrian armies in action!

  • Full Version Screenshots- Set 1

  •  May 5, 2001

    Cossacks Intro Movie Shots
    Posted @ 7:14 PM || Angel Socrateius

    For those of you that haven't purchased Cossacks yet, here's a little teaser: Some mouthwatering screenshots of the introductory movie that plays when you open the game. Enjoy

  • Cossacks Introduction Movie Screenshots

    By the way, if you want to buy Cossacks on the net, please use the link from this page, and help keep Heaven from disappearing.

  • Cossacks Review at Gamespot
    Posted @ 2:55 PM || Angel Socrateius

    The gaming site Gamespot has written their own review of Cossacks. The site gave the game a 7.1, but the gamers gave it an 8.5. Here's an excerpt:

    Cossacks can be very entertaining. What it does, it does quite well. At the same time, it can grow dull quickly for anyone with more than a passing familiarity with other real-time strategy games, particularly the superb Age of Empires II and its expansion...

    ...If you don't mind another variation on an oft-played theme, Cossacks has more than enough variety to ensure fun empire building and colorful clashes.-
    Gamespot review of Cossacks

     May 2, 2001

    Winners Circle ..Check the List
    Posted @ 2:05 AM || Angel ET

    The Winners of the FREE Cossacks game...this is the official announcement, thanks for all your entries.

    This just in from Angel and rejoice if you're one of the lucky five.

    He says:

    Here are the forum ids of the 5 winners:


    Since we already have your mailing address information, the winners don't need to do anything more than eagerly await the arrival of their free copy of Cossacks! Enjoy!

    Thanks for all the participation, especially to Heavengames and CDV for making this event possible.