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  News Archive for April 2005

 April 26, 2005

Demo now available
Posted @ 12:09 PM || Sharpe novel reader

A single player demo is now available including:

2 Battles
2 Tutorials
1 Skirmish Battle

You can find it HERE

 April 22, 2005

Announcing Cherub Parabellum
Posted @ 10:24 AM || Sharpe novel reader

I'd like you all to give a great big welcome to Cossacks Heaven's latest staff member Parabellum!

Parabellum will be helping me with site content, primarily the units and buildings section.

You can congratulate Parabellum HERE

 April 14, 2005

Unit Script Update
Posted @ 5:18 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Thanks to Parabellum the units script is now filled with the stats of all the units on the game. The unit viewer should now be useful for anyone quickly wanting to check the stats of a particular unit.
The script now also supports sorting the units by various different statistics.

You can check out the unit viewer here

New Poll
Posted @ 12:25 PM || Sharpe novel reader

I think as the game is now officially released in Europe and the American release date draws near its time to change over our poll.

This time we asked you "Will you be buying Cossacks II?" and 358 of you replied.

Yes, I'll get it on release day - 41.3%
Yes, I'll buy it if I have money to spare - 25.6%
Yes, but only once I've read reviews - 14.5%
No, unless the demo is good - 12.2%
No, I don't like what I've seen so far - 6.1%

That means that over 145 of you should have the game or will definitely be buying it soon!

Its aimed mainly at those who have bought the game that I'd like to direct the new poll at, "Would you participate in a free ladder?" For those who don't know, ladders are free multiplayer leagues that HeavenGames run, such as the Rome:Total War Heaven Ladder, which recently launched. Whats great about a ladder is that matches aren't organised by us, so you can play who you want whenever you want, all they have to be is a registered member of the ladder (Requires free forum registration).

 April 12, 2005

Unit Viewer
Posted @ 2:49 PM || Sharpe novel reader

I'm glad to say I've finished work on the units script for the site, which allows you to view every unit in the game (Based on preview English version). The stats for each unit are currently not recorded but wll be as soon as I have the final version of the game.

You can check it out here

Please feel free to discuss the viewer script in the forum here including how it can be improved

 April 3, 2005

Preview overload!
Posted @ 12:20 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Over the last couple of days we've had a huge number of previews released on the web, I guess we can only expect more and more as this hotly anticipated game nears release.

Most of these previews say pretty much the same as all of the others to date, however some like Next Level gaming have gone to the trouble of looking at the history of the Cossacks which is pretty interesting.

"Any strategy lover should have this game in their collection; it combines two of the most popular genres in the strategy world. With all the different diplomatic, economic, and military options you can be a commander and leader of the sword, or a leader of the pen."

Daily Game Preview
Eternal Gaming Preview
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