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  News Archive for April 2004

 April 26, 2004

EXCLUSIVE Screenshots!
Posted @ 12:58 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Recently we have received many exclusive images from GSC to place in our Cossacks II Gallery. These included a screenshot of the current menu screen for the game. Take a look in our gallery for the collection of around 10 or so images or click to see some of my favorites below.

 April 23, 2004

Cossacks II Videos released!
Posted @ 1:33 PM || Sharpe novel reader

The videos have now been released. These are available from a Russian fansite. I have therefore included direct links to the download pages. Their main page (all in Russian) can be found HERE

Download Links
Video 1 HERE
Video 2 HERE

 April 22, 2004

Cossacks II Video!!!
Posted @ 3:59 PM || Sharpe novel reader have picked up news that a video will be released in Russian very soon. For more information and updates on whats happening check out the thread HERE

Interview with GSC
Posted @ 2:47 PM || Sharpe novel reader

We have been informed that we will be hopefully having an exclusive interview with GSC. We'd love to have your questions to give to GSC so please post them HERE

 April 5, 2004

Poll Change
Posted @ 8:02 AM || Sharpe novel reader

211 of you voted in last months poll on modding tools in Cossacks II. It appears that modding tools seem to be wanted early on in order to get a thriving mod community going

43.6% - Yes, I want pros like Baddog to make more great mods
25.5% - Yes, I want to be a modder but I don't know how
19.4% - Maybe, it depends if the developers would neglect other aspects of C2
8% - No, it would make C2 hard to play online due to too many mods
3.3% - No, mods normally suck!

This months poll is on hero units. Do you want to see Napoleon astride on his horse watching columns go by or could you not care more if it was just some peasant in a pink tutu watching the troops? Do you want to let Napoleon and Wellington get into a duel at Waterloo? All of these questions can be answered in this months poll!

 April 1, 2004

Campaign Map!!!
Posted @ 12:25 PM || Sharpe novel reader

The guys at have got hold of a screenshot of the campaign map in Cossacks II. It is following the same sort fo path as RoN and is looking great Take a look at it HERE