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  News Archive for April 2003

 April 27, 2003

E3 2003
Posted @ 10:11 AM || Sharpe novel reader

I was looking at the E3 website today to see if GSC Gameworld were going to be appearing and whether there was a sneak preview on what might be unveiled. We Can now confirm that GSC have their stand at E3 and that they will hopefully be debuting one of their products at E3 as it is marked as one of the stands with "A First Look". Might this be the time when we see more of Cossacks II?
To see the full list of exhibitors click HERE

 April 9, 2003

AC WOI Contest Stage 2
Posted @ 1:53 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Stage 2 is now beginning! If you are one of the lucky people to have shown your skill and have got through to the next round come and read the stage 2 rules HERE. If you are just an ordinary bystander come at look at the people who will be battling it out to be named Champion! See the list of winners below :

UK Winners
USA Winners
RoW Winners

I'm going away...
Posted @ 1:14 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Alas I'm not resigning though no doubt thats what went through some of your heads there I'm off on holiday to Florida and we will arrive back in the UK hopefully on the 27th April. Anyone e-mailing me with toons or other contributions should ensure that they are in JPEG format and zipped (.zip or.rar formats) and can mail them to my usual address, If my inbox ends up full please send any mail to my other account, or mail it to ET FLAVIUS at and he will be sure to take care of things.

More details on my holiday can be found HERE

 April 8, 2003

AC Addon Update!
Posted @ 11:11 AM || Sharpe novel reader

We recently received an update on the addon by the CDV newsletter, unfortunately the newsletter was in German! Anyhow this what some guys at other sites have deciphered

The new add-on called "Fight Back" will be a stand alone.
Will go gold on 30th of May in Germany.
The new Nations will be:
The Netherlands
Haida (Alaska)

 April 7, 2003

War of Independence Contest Stage 1 over...
Posted @ 2:12 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Cossacks General has posted to inform us that stage 1 has ended and Stage 2 will soon begin!

Stage One of the War Of Independence tournament has now ended. The Top 24 players in each region are currently being calculated, and will receive an email shortly to confirm their participation in Stage Two.

Lists and fixtures for Stage Two will be posted once this is complete.

 April 3, 2003

1million Cossacks sold!
Posted @ 11:18 PM || Sharpe novel reader

1million units of cossacks has been sold worldwide now according to CDV!

"If you laid all packages of Cossacks that have been sold in one line, it would stretch for 180 kilometers!"

 April 1, 2003

AC section!
Posted @ 11:47 AM || Sharpe novel reader

Well finally it is here, it certainly took long enough! The AC section is packed full of information about American Conquest and various different strategies however bear with us it is far from finished yet!
Anyhow to check out all the great content we have compiled for you so far click HERE. The link is also in the nav bar at the very bottom
If you have any suggestions or comments on the AC section or even wish to report a bug please post in the website comments forum

Cossacks Heaven Staff

We know about the bug in the ladder rules Maybe thats a hint to one of the other new things coming to heaven