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  News Archive for April 2002

 April 26, 2002

Cossacks: Back to War Announced!
Posted @ 2:27 PM || TNK

The rumored second expansion pack to Cossacks has officially been announced! The expansion pack will be called Cossacks: Back to War. Here is some info from GSC's site:

In addition to the features of Cossacks: The Art of War the second add-on Cossacks: Back To War will include 100 new single missions, new nations, new units, as well as automated tournament system. The two new nations include Switzerland and Hungary with each containing 20 new buildings and 4 new units. The additional units include Turkish and Algerian troops, the infamous Bedouins.

Cossacks: Back To War is slanted for release in fall 2002.

 April 23, 2002

Gamespot Reviews the Art of War
Posted @ 8:31 PM || TNK has posted their own review of the Art of War. It's another positive review, and the reviewer gives the expansion pack a 7.8/10. Here is an quote from the review:

The Art of War may not make a whole new game of Cossacks, but that's not a bad thing. With The Art of War, Cossacks becomes an even better real-time strategy game for fans of the genre or the historical period. The fully featured control scheme puts many competing games' control schemes to shame, and the developer was wise to improve upon that even further. The new random map choices add a near-limitless variety of gameplay options for gamers of any skill level, and the new campaigns and missions will keep you playing even longer. All of this can be had in a low-priced $19.99 expansion, so there's no reason why an RTS fan should skip this title.

 April 20, 2002

Toons Section Updated
Posted @ 9:19 PM || TNK

I've updated the Toons section with some toons from EW Punk. Take a look!

 April 15, 2002

Art of War Review at IGN PC
Posted @ 9:48 PM || TNK

IGN PC has put up their review of the Art of War. It is a fairly positive review, and the review gives the expansion pack a 7.5/10. Here is part of the review:

But the fixes aren't where it ends and anyone that has been slapping their arms looking for some more Cossacks injection will probably be pleased by what they find. There's a bunch of new missions, new units, new nations, and a scenario editor that should keep the fun running for a long time to come.

Site Updates
Posted @ 3:18 PM || TNK

I've updated these sections of the site:

- The The Academy now has all of its articles on its front page, so you no longer have to go to every section to get all the articles.
- Updated the FAQ.
- Updated the Contact Us page.
- Added one new link to the Links section.

 April 10, 2002

Cossacks 2 Officially Announced by GSC
Posted @ 5:11 PM || TNK

On the GSC site they have their announcement of Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars. From the announcement:

You thought it was all over after Cossacks -European Wars? You were wrong! Cossacks -Napoleonic Wars returns one of the most successful strategy games of the past years to the real-time battlefield - with reinforce-ments:
Meet Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France and probably the most ingenious strategist in European history!
This worthy successor combines the qualities of Cossacks - European Wars and Cossacks -The Art of War with the advantages of the third dimension! Enter the battle on the side of one of 10 great European nations and rewrite European history in 6 exciting campaigns.
Experience your Waterloo - or leave the field victorious!

 April 9, 2002

Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars Announced!
Posted @ 8:49 PM || TNK

According to Game Spot CDV software has officialy announced Cossacks 2! From the newspost at GS:

The game will let players control one of 10 different European nations in a series of conflicts between the 16th and 19th centuries.

Cossacks II will feature six single-player campaigns with a total of 60 missions, 12 individual single-player scenarios, and 10 simulated historical battles. It will also include an extensive diplomacy system, extended formations and tactical orders, and a series of multiplayer modes. The game's 3D engine will include realistic projectile physics and will support up to 32,000 units per game.

The game is scheduled for release in the second half of 2003.

 April 2, 2002

Posted @ 10:39 AM || TNK

Pepsi of GSC has informed me of some corrections to the last newspost. He says that GSC will continue to release games under the GSC brand name. Also, GSC is a Ukranian company, not a Russian company. We apologize for the confusion.