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  News Archive for April 2001

 April 25, 2001

Update: Free Cossacks Game Contest
Posted @ 11:37 AM || Angel ET

Only five days and counting, and five free Cossacks games will find a home with five lucky winners. Have you signed up, please check? The entry is's easy, just takes a minute. Here's the special link again Enter and Win

Submit your entry and of luck to you all.

Thanks again to CDV and Heavengames for this great opportunity

 April 21, 2001

Technology Articles
Posted @ 5:43 PM || Angel Socrateius

Two articles have been added to the technology section, Technologies Researched from the Military Buildings and Technologies Researched from the Economic Buildings. Each include the basic information about each technology, the info that is tough to remember during the game.

  • Technologies Researched from the Military Buildings(By Angel Socrateius)

  • Technologies Researched from the Economic Buildings(By Angel Socrateius)

  • Downloadable Technology Section

    You can download the articles in .doc form and print them off, without any extra text or graphics you get by printing them directly from a site.

  • Heaven Gets a Little Bigger
    Posted @ 12:08 PM || Angel Socrateius

    Another slice of heaven has opened: Age of Wonders Heaven, lead by the lawgiving Angel Draco. AOW is a turn-based fantagy game, combining the best elements of strategy, roleplaying, and adventure.

    Be sure to visit this new piece of heaven today!

    Help out HeavenGames
    Posted @ 12:01 PM || Angel Socrateius

    Please help keep HG up and running by taking a look at this page: Heaven Games Merchant Partners. If you need any products from our partners, please use the provided links on the page. Doing so will help HeavenGames from disappearing in the sands of time.

     April 15, 2001

    Articles Galore
    Posted @ 7:30 PM || Angel Socrateius

    Several articles have been added to this site in the last few days. The articles are as follows:

  • Cossacks Demo Map Editor Guide (By Angel Socrateius)- An article showing the ins and outs of the Cossacks demo map editor, plus a little translation for those who don't understand Russian.

  • British Mission #1 Walkthrough (By Sam Newman)- A walkthrough of the 1st British Mission, useful for those that are having trouble with it.

  • A Quick Win (By Mark Vermillion)- A strategy article showing players how to pull off an early win in the Cossacks Demo.

  • Melee Infantry and Ranged Infantry largely finished (By KoR_Weezul)- KoR_Weezul has largely finished the last half of the melee and ranged infantry section.

    If you would like to submit an article to Cossacks Heaven, please send it to Angel Socrateius at

  • Cossacks Game Contest
    Posted @ 6:21 AM || Angel ET

    Just in time for those players who need to test their luck. Thanks to CDV and Heavengames there may be a FREE Cossacks Game in someones future Click the link, that's where contestants can find out how to enter. Best of luck to all.

    Win a Game

    Thanks for your entry

     April 10, 2001

    Announcing Seraphs Socrateius and Et Flavius
    Posted @ 6:35 PM || Angel Socrateius

    Angels Socrateius(myself) and Et Flavius have been made Seraphs of this site, Cossacks Heaven.(Seraphs are the webmasters of HG sites) We shall attempt to do all we can to make this site better and help the fans as much as Angelically possible.

    For anyone new here, be sure to check out the The Game section of the site, it will give you a large amount of information about Cossacks. Also check out the FAQ and the Academy. But if the information you need is not on the main site, ask in the Forums, a staff member or forumer should be happy to help you out.

    Any feedback would be appreciated, you may contact either Et or myself at: