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  News Archive for March 2005

 March 29, 2005

New Screenshots
Posted @ 2:55 PM || Sharpe novel reader

We've just received a brand new batch of screen shots thanks to TGE.

This lot is a mixture of "Battle for Europe" screens and battle map shots, including one of some troops trying to fight up a slope here.

You can view all of the new screen shots in our gallery HERE

 March 18, 2005

New Forum Code of Conduct
Posted @ 1:44 PM || Sharpe novel reader

There have been a number of changes to the forum Code of Conduct. Please take time to review the rules to avoid having your behaviour questioned on the forums.

Details of all the changes can be found HERE

 March 16, 2005

HG Cossacks II Preview
Posted @ 4:55 AM || Sharpe novel reader

Great news my preview of Cossacks II is now finalised and available on HG Main HERE.
Hopefully it'll give you an insight into what you're exactly getting when you stick the CDs in your drive on April 15th. Anyhow enough of my chatter head out and read it!

 March 4, 2005

Exclusive Screensavers
Posted @ 4:37 PM || Sharpe novel reader

TheGoodEvil has very kindly managed to get CDV to give us some exclusive screensavers for yu all to enjoy. There are three in total and each one has different content:
1) Artwork
2) Rendered Units
3) Screenshots

My personal favourite is the 2nd one, you can get them all here

Screenshot Requests
Posted @ 3:03 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Thanks to TheGoodEvil my preview build for Cossacks II arrived this morning and I can say that so far the game has been amazing, a full preview should be posted by the end of the weekend.
This build is unrestricted, meaning I'm able to ask you, what you want to see! So if there is a particular part of Cossacks II that you want to see then head over to this thread and post your requests, please ensure you don't request something that has alread been requested.
All screenshots will uploaded to our gallery here

 March 1, 2005

New Screenshots in Gallery
Posted @ 5:15 PM || Sharpe novel reader

I've uploaded another 20 or so screenshots to the gallery which we received in a pack from CDV. I'm not sure how many of hem are completely new and how many are available currently on other sites but this batch has some great scenes from the game. These include a coastal fort and some infantry fighting their way across a bridge.

You can view all of the new screenshots in our gallery here

Re-Enactment Photos
Posted @ 1:34 PM || Sharpe novel reader

TheGoodEvil has managed to get hold of a set of photos from he re-enactment carried out by GSC in order to produce some videos in Cossacks II. It's amazing to look at some of the photos due to the quality of the uniforms and the number of people involved in the battles. You can view all of the photos here

New Poll
Posted @ 11:24 AM || Sharpe novel reader

Our new poll is now up asking Will you be buying Cossacks II?. It seems appropriate as its just over a month until Cossacks II will be available worldwide. Go and vote in the right hand navigation bar now!

CDV Wallpaper Contest
Posted @ 11:18 AM || Sharpe novel reader

The official wallpaper contest submission stage is now over, soon CDV will be setting up and official vote thread on their forums for you to vote for your favourite design. You can view all of the great designs people submitted here.

Now that the submission stage has come to a close it makes our current poll redundant and from the looks of it there aren't many artists out there! Out of the 74 people that voted a mere 37.7% of you said you might or would definitely create a wallpaper for the competion! It also appears that 16.2% of you have never heard of wallpaper!

45.9% No, I don't like art
27% Maybe if I find the time
16.2% Whats a wallpaper?
6.7% I probabaly will
4% Yes, I love making wallpapers!