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  News Archive for March 2004

 March 24, 2004

Graphics Vs Gameplay
Posted @ 3:53 PM || Sharpe novel reader

This is one of the most argued topics ever in the gaming world, particularly amongst RTS fans. In this article I explore whats the best mix, hope you find it a good read You can find it HERE

 March 17, 2004

New screenshots!
Posted @ 2:56 PM || Sharpe novel reader

The screenshots from the official Russian site are now available in the gallery HERE. Hopefully in the next few days we'll also see the unveiling of the English Cossacks II site too

Can I also point out there is a thread HERE for commenting on what we have in the Cossacks II section so far. Please go and pass on your comments so that I can get to work making it better!

 March 16, 2004

Official Site
Posted @ 12:54 PM || Sharpe novel reader

The official Russian site for Cossacks II is now up It contains lots of screenshots which you can see HERE. I'll upload all of these images soon to our own gallery.

We are being assured that the English site will soon be up as well!

 March 6, 2004

Posted @ 3:40 PM || Sharpe novel reader

From last months poll we can clearly see that everyone is looking forward to the European Map that will closely resemble campaigns from games such as Medieval:Total War and Rise of Nations. A massive 43.3% of you declared that you wanted to conqueur all of Europe. In total only 9.9% of you said that you didn't like the idea of such a campaign map! Hopefully GSC will be listening to the masses and ensuring that the map of Europe turns out to be a truely great asset to the game.

43.3% - Yes, I want to conquer Europe!
30.3% - Yes, It will add more depth to campaigns
16.2% - Yes, it will give the game more replayability
5.4% - No, thats just boring
4.5% - No, I just want battles!

This months poll is on mod tools and whether they ought to be included with Cossacks II. Modding is only just begining in the Cossacks community (excempting MOD1 of course). Should GSC be encouraging modding from the start?