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  News Archive for March 2003

 March 30, 2003

How Healthy is the Game Industry
Posted @ 1:46 AM || Angel ET

This article might relieve some of our immediate worrys about new games in our future. Interesting also, to note some of the real facts on which games historically have been the most popular. A nice read found... HERE

Much appreciation goes to Angel Zen for sharing this find with us.

 March 27, 2003

New Toons!
Posted @ 2:44 AM || Sharpe novel reader

New toon section is now up here please send new toons to me in JPEG format only (PLEASE! I only have a small inbox!) at

 March 23, 2003

GAME reviews AC!
Posted @ 7:47 AM || Sharpe novel reader

Sorry for failing to notice this review initially but it was on a computer game stores website! The review features a meaty chunk talking about how AC now truly gives fans a chance to re-enact epic battles.

"In the past trying to accurately re-create a series of historical themed battles within a Real Time Strategy (RTS) title would have been extremely difficult to accomplish. This is because the most famous battles worthy of reconstruction consisted of many more units than any game of this period could attainably place on the screen at the same time. So for many years the genre was largely populated with more fantastical and futuristic battle themes so the developers could dictate the scale of the battles to work with both the limitations of their game engine and the average home PC. More recently though several European based developers have made significant strides in readdressing the balance of realism with best selling titles like Sudden Strike and Cossacks: European Wars; and now American Conquest is looking to firmly push historical battle re-creations into the realm of accessible real-time strategy."

To read the full review click HERE

More x-pack nations!
Posted @ 6:19 AM || Sharpe novel reader

It turns out that in fact the x-pack will contain 5 nations! Thanks to Wellington for these links


There are also a number of new Russian screenies HERE,HERE and a dutch town HERE

Cossacks Toons Needed!
Posted @ 5:06 AM || Sharpe novel reader

I'm currently recreating the toon section and any new cossacks toons would be greatly appreciated! Please mail all toons to Cherub
Sharpe novel reader

 March 22, 2003

Forum Party Tomorrow!!!
Posted @ 9:18 AM || Sharpe novel reader

Ok, thanks to everyone who has said they wish to participate in a forum party! Tomorrow the games will be starting at 7am EDT (Noon GMT, 8pm SGT) Sorry for it being early for the Americans but I want to make sure our Singaporean friends get at least 1 game in! The party will run for as long as their are people so get practising because tomorrow all hell will be let loose!

BTW Review!
Posted @ 5:55 AM || Sharpe novel reader

Worthplaying have held off for a while now about reviewing Back to War. However they certainly have picked up on all of the great qualities of the game giving it an impressive 7.5/10! One of the few things we ever really heard about cossacks was about graphics however from the section below you can see that sprites are still classed as good looking

The graphics are pretty nice to look at. The environments, although a little repetitive, are pretty good-looking. Water looks nice, trees are good, grass is fine, and high fields of wheat are cool, especially when you can see people walking around in them. The character animation is certainly nice, with scurrying little peasants and galloping horses and whatnot. They look like little men on a battlefield, frankly, and it's pretty darn cool to watch.

To read the rest of the review click HERE

 March 20, 2003

Forum Party?
Posted @ 12:28 PM || Sharpe novel reader

A few of the guys and girls out there have mentioned how they wished that we had more organised games at CH. What I'd like to know is whether we ought to go back to having the legendary forum parties from long ago? To state your opinions check out my thread HERE

 March 17, 2003

Conquer America Cup
Posted @ 3:53 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Cossacks General Posted the in the forums :

After two days of fierce fighting the "Conquer America Cup" has come to an end.

Congratulations to Dedas for placing 1st in the "Conquer America Cup"!

The Top 4 Players are:
1st- Dedas
2nd- [PUEB]blutch
3rd- Piroman
4th- RikkiTikkiTavi

We would like to thank all participants for joining and we hope you had fun!

Congratulations to the Top 4!

Cossacks Heaven would like to congratulate all of the players in the tournament, enjoy your prizes!

 March 12, 2003

The Conquer America Cup!
Posted @ 3:56 PM || Sharpe novel reader

A mini tourney is being run by the guys over at and is open to everyone! The tourney is 1vs1 so expect some tough compettion. The top 2 winners win Gainward Geforce 4's but the top 4 all get prizes!

AC add on nations!
Posted @ 1:13 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Thanks to Wellington111 for pointing out that we now officiallly know which nations are to be included in the AC addon. No doubt the following nations will make AC and even better game than before


 March 9, 2003

Baddog hopes to make another mod!
Posted @ 1:46 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Any visitors HERE can see that Baddog is clearly taking making a mod for AC seriously. Currently Baddog admits he would like to create a mod featuring pirates and marines however full content is not certain yet!

 March 8, 2003

American Conquest out in Singapore!
Posted @ 4:23 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Thanks to BoO, one of our singaporean forummers we now know that AC has been released in Singapore. BoO has seen it in Novena Square so head over there now! Hopefully if we get enough forummers I might be able to organise a forum party for next weekened

 March 7, 2003

War of Independence!
Posted @ 4:52 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Cossacks General just e-mailed me to ask me to post the following

The following is an important reminder.

If you are eligible to participate in the Official American Conquest: War-of-Independence Tournament, and wish to play in it, you must register and signup at the Official Tournament Website located here so as to be counted:

The Rules

If you haven't done so already please signup so that you may be counted!

Thank You

Cossack General
Moderator - CDV Forums
American Conquest:War-of-Independence Tournament- Site Staffmember

So all of you eligible to fight I hope are doing so, go and fight for the glory of Britain!

 March 6, 2003

4th Top Seller!
Posted @ 3:46 PM || Sharpe novel reader

American Conquest is GAME's 4th top selling game currently as you can see HERE

 March 5, 2003

Adrenaline Vault review!
Posted @ 2:54 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Adrenaline Vault has a brand new review of American Conquest spread over many pages. The article is pages packed full of goodness however it truly is the last paragraph that gives AC it's real glory.

"American Conquest's combination of base-building and epic battles is a good one, if not a great one, and deserves the attention of any RTS aficionado. Rich, detailed visuals and effects impart life and atmosphere to the New World theme, and gameplay demands both strategic planning and tactical skill. Its mechanics translate well through the various modes of play, ably presenting scripted missions, pitched battles and online skirmishes. On the other hand, pathfinding and micromanagement issues highlight American Conquest's overcrowded interface. A solid production, American Conquest stands at the pinnacle of its genre."

To read the review click HERE

 March 3, 2003

AC in charts!
Posted @ 3:28 PM || Sharpe novel reader

In AC's first two weeks in the charts the game has managed to hold onto 7th position and 8th position. Both are very respectable positions especially due to no doubt another sims x-pack stealing it's spot at number 1