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  News Archive for March 2002

 March 29, 2002

GSC Changes Name, Signs Contract With CDV
Posted @ 8:53 PM || TNK

According to the official Cossacks site, GSC has now changed its name to Game World Ltd. It has also signed a contract with publisher CDV to publish its next two games and three planned add-ons. From the offical site:

The Karlsruhe-based publisher of computer games, CDV Software Entertainment AG, has signed an outline contract for two full-price games and three add-ons with the Russian developer Game World Ltd.

The titles to be developed and published over the next two years are American Conquest, scheduled for publication at the end of 2002, and Cossacks II, which is planned for the end of 2003, with each title expecting one add-on. In addition, a second add-on to the top seller Cossacks I will be published later this year.

RTS experts Game World Ltd. used to be known under its old name of GSC Game World and was responsible, among other things, for the development of the worldwide best seller and multiple award-winner Cossacks I, of which about 500,000 copies have now been sold.

New Cherub!
Posted @ 1:51 PM || TNK

I would like to announce the newest addition to the Cossacks Heaven team, Sharpe novel reader, who created the great Forum FAQ for Cossacks. You can congradulate him here.

 March 28, 2002

2D vs 3D
Posted @ 3:29 PM || TNK

Pepsi of GSC has posted a thread in the forums about whether it would be better to use a 2D or a 3D engine for the upcomming Cossacks 2.

 March 27, 2002

US Version of The Art of War Goes Gold!
Posted @ 7:00 PM || TNK

From the CDV newsletter:

The add-on to the blockbuster Cossacks: European Wars is finally reaching North American shores: Cossacks: The Art of War goes gold in the US.

 March 17, 2002

Cossacks FAQ
Posted @ 11:40 AM || TNK

Forumer Sharpe Novel Reader has written a great FAQ for people new to Cossacks or the Cossacks Heaven Forums. Take a look.

 March 7, 2002

Rate Cossack's Campaigns
Posted @ 6:58 PM || TNK

Pepsi of GSC has in our forums asking for player's opinions on the campaigns included in Cossacks and The Art of War. From Pepsi:

We kindly ask those who have accomplished missions in the EW and AOW to evaluate the quality and playability of the missions. How many would you give out of 100?
Your comments and suggestions please mail at
THank you very much for your support!

You can find the post here.

 March 2, 2002

Euro Wars Returns!
Posted @ 9:59 PM || TNK

Spitfire VII has started Euro Wars: The Age of War, a Cossacks-based RPG where forumers try to conquer Europe while playing Cossacks. Its based the Euro Wars game which was a big hit last June. Check it out!