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  News Archive for March 2001

 March 24, 2001

Cossacks at War
Posted @ 12:34 AM || Cherub Samurai

If you get tired of the old watching the clock waiting for Cossacks to arrive in the States, take a peek at Walter's up-and-coming Cossacks at War site, it's a promising website that looks like it has great potential.

Movie Magic
Posted @ 12:29 AM || Cherub Samurai

Seeing is believing, as CDV states in a recent press release. A new Cossacks gameplay video is out, as linked to in the release; hopefully it will keep you entertained until the 30th!

Punks on Top of Their Game
Posted @ 12:23 AM || Cherub Samurai

Hey 'Sax! Check out Cossacks Punk, a scenario design team for Cossacks (obviously ) also owned by HeavenGames. They seem all ready for the game's oh-so-soon American release, and they're certainly worth a try!

 March 19, 2001

England vs. France!
Posted @ 4:51 PM || Cherub Samurai

CDV has released an entertaining new flash download that simulates a quick little tongue-in-cheek battle. Vive la France or Go England? I won't tell you, but rumor has it that the French have great new technologies.

 March 15, 2001

Put YOUR Input Into The Game!
Posted @ 12:20 PM || Cherub Samurai

Have a great new idea for a new feature in Cossacks? GSC is taking suggestions on Cossacks! Your suggestion may or may not make it in, but it's certainly worth a shot.

 March 12, 2001

A Picture And a Thousand Words...
Posted @ 12:15 AM || Cherub Samurai

Check out the history behind the image that appears on the EW: Cossacks logo. Don't mess with the Cossacks!

 March 8, 2001

That Hits The Spot...
Posted @ 10:32 PM || Cherub Samurai

GameSpot UK has written a nice little Cossacks review that you can feast your eyes on here! Here's a sample to pique your curiousity:

During battle the aim is to let players take full advantage of the environment's plateaux in addition to their fighting units. It's not a good tactic, for example, to send in short-range pikemen first, however well trained they are. Long-range archers and musketeers are a better way of softening up an enemy before going rampant with men holding sharp weapons.

Remember everyone, Cossacks comes out in America on the 30th!

 March 6, 2001

A Trickle of Water in the Midst of a News Drought...
Posted @ 12:25 PM || Cherub Samurai

Hey Cossacks fans! The latest news come from Games Domain, who has churned out a new Cossacks review. You can see it here. Meanwhile, for those of you too lazy to actually read it (), here's an excerpt from the article, which is by James Kay:

You are an esteemed military commander from whatever European power the campaign features. Your objectives vary from mission to mission, but usually go something along the lines of build a base, establish a decent economy and kick foreign ass. Obviously, to do this you need to gather resources. Wood and stone are used for building the various structures your town will need, iron and coal keep your military units in ammo, gold is useful for just about everything and food stops your people from starving to death -- handy that.
You can get food by building a mill and telling some peasant folk to start farming or by building some fishing boats. Iron, coal and gold need to be mined, stone is quarried, and wood, believe it or not, grows on trees which you will need to chop down. By now, some of you will be thinking all this sounds a little familiar – ahem, Settlers. As far as extracting resources is concerned, the two games are identical save for a few very minor differences, such as not being able to mine stone and quarry it or rear pigs for food.