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  News Archive for December 2003

 December 26, 2003

Poll Change...
Posted @ 3:03 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Sorry I didn't change the poll yesterday but the stress of eating turkey and receiving expensive presents made me forget
It's been an interesting poll and the results chnaged a the very last minute. Which meant that finally you chose Eurpean Nations to be the subject of a number of articles here at CH.
A total of 206 of you voted which is in my opinion a fairly good turnout for 11 days!!!

The full results are as follows:
European Nations - 33.9%
Napoleonic Armies - 32.5%
Famous Generals - 19.4%
Historical Events - 9.7%
Other things, thats all boring! - 4.3%

I'll have to get myself into the writing spirit and start covering your chosen subject soonish. I'll put the new poll up in the new year so that we can have a full month.

 December 23, 2003

Poll Changeover Date
Posted @ 10:39 AM || Sharpe novel reader

I'm going to end the Poll on Christmas Day in 2 days time. This is so that your chosen topic will have even more time dedicated to it meaning even more articles will be published on the subject. It also eases my load slightly as I have a fair ammount of time off I can use for writing over the holiday period.

 December 14, 2003

Poll Changeover
Posted @ 3:01 PM || Sharpe novel reader

I have changed the poll again. This time it's a question about what you'd like to see me writing articles about soon. The chosen subject should have a number of articles written on it throughout the following month

Now for the results of the last poll. The 95th Rifles, Imperial Guard and Redcoats have been pretty close, however the greenjackets have maintained a slight lead meaning that the 95th Rifles are your most anticipated unit with 19.1% of you voting for them. The Redcoats and the Imperial Guard both tied with exactly 100 votes each (17.9%). You can find the results in full below:

95th Rifles - 19.1%
Redcoats - 17.9%
Imperial Guard - 17.9%
Different calibre artillery - 12.1%
Cossacks - 11.6%
Highlander - 9.4%
Congreve Rocket Troop - 7.7%
Militia - 3.7%

 December 13, 2003

British Units
Posted @ 5:42 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Thanks to some assiatnce from Cherub Marechal I have managed to write a comprehensive historical guide on the British units that will feature in Cossacks II.
There are a few gaps regarding cavalry units. These should however be filled in the upcoming week. Anyhow heres hoping to you enjoying whats ready now. To read my latest piece of work click HERE

 December 11, 2003

New Gallery!
Posted @ 2:12 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Thanks to Angel Zen we have a brand new gallery which is viewable HERE. I'm hoping to update it on a regular basis and all of your toon submissions shall also be finding their way there in the near future.

 December 8, 2003

New article...
Posted @ 3:00 PM || Sharpe novel reader

My next article (as promised!) is ready and is based around the most common weaponry available in the Napolenoic period (the time that Cossacks II is set in, in case you didn't know!). I have covered both firearms and cold steel weapons and I hope that it shall prove an interesting read
I'm currently interested in writing more articles which hopefully cover the subjects you'd like to see. To give me your views take a look HERE.

To take a look at the new article click HERE

6 new Cossacks II screenshots
Posted @ 4:00 AM || Cherub Gaiseric

Forumer Grant47 has very kindly informed us of 6 new Cossacks II screenshots. You may view the screenshots here.

 December 4, 2003

"Formations and their uses"
Posted @ 2:47 PM || Sharpe novel reader

I've just finished an article on the various formations seen throughout the Napoleonic period ranging from the column to skirmish line. I've included some ideas for Cossacks II as well as covering some interesting facts.

To read the article click HERE