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  News Archive for December 2002

 December 31, 2002

Another quiet time...
Posted @ 10:11 AM || Sharpe novel reader

It's another quiet time of the year with it being new years eve. It's new year already for some of you so HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone in those time zones

 December 30, 2002

Cossacks MOD1 league!
Posted @ 4:19 PM || Sharpe novel reader

A league for MOD1 has opened HERE. The league has been created to allow players of the mod to get together for IP games and make the mod more widely used. I personally think that this league will go far!

Cossacks for Linux!
Posted @ 3:29 AM || Sharpe novel reader

No, sorry Linux fans the game is not being made to play on your systems. However a rather interesting debate on why developers don't create games for Linux is going on HERE

 December 29, 2002

GSC Shell
Posted @ 4:24 PM || Sharpe novel reader

GSC do know about the shell problems at the moment and have reported that the issue shall hopefully be shortly resolved. For more regular updates visit GSC's Website

 December 25, 2002

Horse drawn cannons after all?
Posted @ 2:07 PM || Sharpe novel reader

American Conquest Tech Depot have come a cross an image of a horse drawn cannon similar to that which was originally to be included in American Conquest. I'm sure many people would like to know is this unit is to be included in the addon or whether it is the unit originally removed from the game and is now discarded for good.

Merry Christmas!
Posted @ 6:44 AM || Sharpe novel reader

I expect news will be on the quiet front today due to Christmas celebrations so I'm just posting this to wish everyone, no matter their beliefs that they have a great day

Cherub Sharpe novel reader

 December 24, 2002

American Conquest Interview
Posted @ 12:28 PM || Sharpe novel reader

There is an interview with GSC at Computer and video games about American Conquest and can be found HERE

A most important bit of the interview was the part which unveiled the two other nations that will appear in the American Conquest Add-on. This means that the add-on will include Germany, Russia, Netherlands and Portugal. It is likely that the nation referred to as Germany shall in fact be Prussia in the game.

Gamespot new AC screens!
Posted @ 6:56 AM || Sharpe novel reader

Gamespot has some new AC screenshots up. Two of the screenshots focus on the naval aspect of American Conquest and the other remaining screenshot shows a battle around some ruins. You can check out these screenshots HERE

American Monkeys!?!?
Posted @ 3:58 AM || Sharpe novel reader

Sungazer posted this image over at the Webquad forums. The disabled monkey is available in the map editor and it has been previously reckoned that GSC added it for a laugh just like the Stefan Hertrich in Cossacks, however Pepsi has now commented on the subject and announced that the model is from a suspended game called "MonkeyCraft"

New Cossacks 2 Image!
Posted @ 3:36 AM || Sharpe novel reader

Baddog has posted another image on the forum from Cossacks 2! The look of the builings so far is truly impressive and no doubt everyone wants to see even more! The image is HERE

 December 23, 2002

AC Artillery
Posted @ 1:09 PM || Sharpe novel reader

here comes yet another news post today!

At the official American Conquest site another quick tip has been posted about AC!

American Conquest: Artillery for beginners!
The proper usage of artillery in American Conquest is essential, especially for European nations! There are basically two different modes to choose from: The “Ricochet” Mode is used if you want to fire cannon balls almost horizontally, so that they will bounce off the ground. This attack is very dangerous if the enemy soldiers are in rows, and will cause the famous domino effect. The “Grapeshot” Mode is like a shot with fine gravel. The enemy has to be very near, but this mode can tear big holes into the enemy’s troops. For timesaving reasons you can also preload your cannons

Cossacks Gold Edition Vs Cossacks : BTW
Posted @ 5:07 AM || Sharpe novel reader

An interesting discussion in Cossacks General Discussions has been started about which version of the game to buy. Points discussed have included multi-player and single player advantages and value for money. The key deciding point of course is which version is best for Cossacks newbies and which is best for old cossacks players. You can join in the discussion HERE

Cherub Sharpe novel reader

Gamespot and HomeLanFed AC articles
Posted @ 4:16 AM || Sharpe novel reader

Gamespot has released an article of their impressions on American Conquest HERE

HomeLanFed have released an interview with GSC about American Conquest HERE

Cherub Sharpe novel reader

 December 22, 2002

Happy Holidays from Cossacks Heaven
Posted @ 2:45 AM || Angel ET

Cossacks Heaven extends the Best of Holidays wishes to all. May the upcoming Year 2003 be the Greatest Year for everyone. We want to thank each member for making Cossacks Heaven or any of the other Heavengames sites, the best place to find friendly game help and interact with good friends. This measure of appreciation is well founded by our dedicated support of these wonderful Cossacks game titles. We are looking forward to seeing all of you and your friends here in the upcoming New Year.

Also Cossacks Heaven would like to introduce the installation of Sharpe novel reader as a News Reporter. Look for his "reports" right here on Cossacks Heaven's main page in the near future.

 December 10, 2002

More Cossacks II Beauty.. also an American Conquest warning
Posted @ 2:43 AM || Angel ET

Once again baddog illuminates cyberspace with a work of beauty...checkout the English Academy posted at the link..
Here Also join in the discussion in baddog's thread in our American Conquest Forums.

Thanks for sharing this with our Cossacks Heaven membership.

How's this for a quote..and warning from We've mentioned this before, and important enough to repeat this particular scope of the game. So one more attention to your tactical troop strengths.

"American Conquest is not for cowards!
Your tactical orders heavily influence the morale of your soldiers in our RTS American Conquest. Your victory or defeat depends on it! You’ll need to know the strengths and weaknesses of your enemies! A small raiding patrol is therefore able to defeat a much bigger opposing force if their morale is better than that of your enemy. Try to attack your enemies on the flank, surround them or kill the high rank officers to scare them off the battle taken field. Crush their morale, and victory is yours!" says: “AC is an absolute must-have, and shouldn’t miss in any games collection!”

This should keep our interest peaked until AC's arrival here in the USA.

 December 6, 2002

New Patch for American Conquest
Posted @ 9:08 PM || Angel ET

GSC's tireless and trusty pepsi has announced the most recent patch for American Conquest in our AC Forums Here

Quoted from forum post:
After successfully installing the patch the following issues will be changed:
1. Improved networking code
2. Memory log file will no longer be writen
3. Improved AI behavior which will affect more than 20 missions

The link to obtain the patch is Here

Please post any comments or questions about this patch in the tread made by our hardworking GSC representative.

Thanks pepsi..we appreciate the information.

 December 5, 2002

Great Reviews for Back to War and American Conquest
Posted @ 1:44 AM || Angel ET

There's pride and happiness on Cossacks Heaven when a great review is released. Thanks to the folks at for alerting us to their own two well written reviews. Please read and enjoy..we did. Here's the links:

Back to War Review

American Conquest Preview

Cossacks Heaven proudly announces a new Staff member.. Cherub Gaiseric ..drop by any of the forum "Congrats" threads and post a hearty congratulations.

 December 1, 2002

Cossacks II Sneak Peek AC Screens and The Winner Is..
Posted @ 5:05 AM || Angel ET

Sharpe novel reader reports that Baddog has posted the following building from Cossacks II. This particular one is an Austrian Church

For those who receive the CDV Newsletter, there's more tactical strategy help from the developers. How to be more effective with your fire power is the focus of their recommendations.

Loads of new Back to War screens are available for viewing on the Official Cossacks site. We definitely need an expanded selection of desktop wallpaper to cover this a nice action scene from one of these screens. Any takers? Please submit your work to our downloads section.

American Conquest has some mega screens too, so pop over to the Official AC site. Here and enjoy this current treat.

It's always an honor to announce a winner..and express our Congratulations to Wellington111 who has won the Officers of Valor Clan Tournament. Also accept our thanks for being an active forum member, we sincerely appreciate your achievements, and maybe post some advice on winning strategies.

Thanks go to SNR for compiling these recent news-worthy developments.