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  News Archive for December 2001

 December 27, 2001

GSC Launches Official Cossacks Forum
Posted @ 12:45 PM || TNK

From pepsi of GSC, the developers of Cossacks:

We have launched official forums on our site located at
Everybody is cordially welcomed to participate in discussions and debates going on there.
To get in the forum click on Community, then Forums on top of the screen.

The Cossacks forum is located here.

 December 14, 2001

Art of War Trailer
Posted @ 5:01 PM || TNK

From The Official Cossacks Site a Trailer for the Art of War is availible here. It shows parts of the map editor, as well as some great battle scenes.

 December 8, 2001

Gamespot Art of War Preview
Posted @ 4:32 PM || TNK

Forumer rEarranged posted in the forums that Gamespot has posted a review of Cossack's expansion pack here. They say that "The Art of War looks like it will provide a solid expansion for an already expansive RTS." in the three page preview, as well as featuring 10 new screenshots. Its a must see for any Cossacks fan!