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  News Archive for November 2003

 November 26, 2003

British Heavy Dragoon Render
Posted @ 6:17 AM || Sharpe novel reader has a beautiful render of the British Heavy Dragoon which you can find HERE

 November 25, 2003

New Cossacks II screenshots
Posted @ 11:04 PM || Cherub Gaiseric

Forumer Joker II has posted about a number of new unit renders from GSC for their upcoming product, Cossacks II: Napoleonic Wars. You may view these screenshots here.

 November 14, 2003

Poll change...
Posted @ 2:57 PM || Sharpe novel reader

It's been a full month since our last poll began and since then a total of 591 of you have voted for your favourite new feature of Cossacks II.
The results are as follows:

24.1% The roads and supply lines!
23.3% The 64,000 unit limit
17.4% Single player historical battles
15.5% New unique units
14% 3D engine with real physics
5.4% Ability to zoom to various different levels

Roads and supply lines won the poll in the end despite swapping between 2nd and 1st a number of times.

Now for this months poll. We at Cossacks Heaven would love to know what your most anticipated unit in Cossacks II currently is!

 November 9, 2003

Cossacks Heaven update!
Posted @ 1:48 PM || Sharpe novel reader

I'm working on some pretty nice things on the Cossacks II front thanks to some able help from zen. With luck the stuff ought to be appearing over the next week or so
The poll from what I can see has once again swapped lead with many of you taking note of last weeks update on the poll. Roads and supply lines is leading again however in our last 5 days ahead it could all change!
Finally the thing you have all been waiting for an update on our map competition. I've played through all of your maps and I can say they are all truly amazing however it's so hard to chose a winner I feel it only have to play them all again!!! The competition has shown that Cossacks realy does have an opportunity for map making so keep on designing guys!

 November 2, 2003

Dramatic change in current poll results...
Posted @ 12:29 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Although the poll has not yet ended you can see that the results have dramtically changed since a week ago! Now the 64,000 unit limit seems to be the prime reason people want Cossacks II whereas last time I properly looked it was near the bottom and Roads and supply lines was at the top with a large lead!
All those who haven't voted participate now and see if your views can dramtically change the results again!