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  News Archive for November 2002

 November 21, 2002

Patch Released for American Conquest
Posted @ 3:52 AM || Angel ET

It is always great to see a patch, and pepsi has posted in our American Conquest Forums. To view his thread, please follow this link:

Looking for some fantastic American Conquest interviews? Click over to Gamewatchers Interviews all four interviews with GSC GameWorld about American Conquest.

Cossacks Heaven extends an invitation to all players who are making new Scenarios for any of the EWCossacks progressive titles. Please send any of the Cossacks Heaven staff an email of your new submission and we will announce this in the news. We hope this helps all the Cossacks players enjoy this game even more.

 November 15, 2002

GSC Reveals Secret: Tactical Discipline Wins
Posted @ 1:57 AM || Angel ET

The following is a direct excerpt from the latest CDV Newsletter which sets up this unique gaming experience.

"When you find yourself captivated in a real-time mayhem commanding up to 16,000 units, you will be playing one of the most epic and grandiose RTS experiences ever: American Conquest. To keep an overview over this massive amount of units, developers GSC incorporated the "L-Mode" in American Conquest. It allows the user to zoom out of an area and get an overview, to prevent him from becoming lost during epic battles. The "L-Mode" goes beyond a basic zoom function, as the player is still able to control every and each unit of his troops. This offers a whole new field in tactical combat, as the player will be able to organize his attacks in a much broader view. To get an idea of how "L-Mode" works, we've collected a few screens for your viewing pleasure." Here's the link Here

So what's the big secret? The developer discloses a strategic promise, or at least a hope for success during battletime situatons. Here's their tactical disclosure. "It's all about discipline! To form different formations, officers are needed to control the soldiers. With the proper formation, you will even be able to defeat an enemy whose forces outnumber your own, so use them well."

This makes me wonder..with morale boosts, increased strengths, is this the answer to the current rushing Peasant army rage? This is absolutely something we all must try.

 November 8, 2002

American Conquest unveils new nation: USA - GSC asks for Fan Help
Posted @ 8:35 PM || Angel ET

Clans, historians, and Cossacks players collectively have anticipated the inevidable..the emerging of the United States of America as a nation in the American Conquest game. Now we all have something to give Spain a run for territorial rights. Take a look at the recent updates and an all new AC trailer on the official American Conquest site AC main

GSC's pepsi asks for help on the upcoming American Conquest addon. Check in here, Forums

Another plea for help is found on the CDV boards..check there for more info:
CDV Boards

Information provided by our trusty Cherub SNR..our thanks.

 November 7, 2002

Back to War : Excellent Review - All New AC Screenies
Posted @ 12:53 AM || Angel ET

Back to War is enticing enough, and should be irresistible after this review is circulated. Enjoy this sites humor about how addictive this great game can become. Here's the link:

BtW Review

Looking for some fabulous American Conquest screenshots? This recent gallery from GSC should help satisfy your search..for awhile at least. Enjoy the AC game beauty found at this link:

New AC Screenies

Thank our Cherub Sharpe novel reader for this News info..."Thanks SNR!!"

 November 4, 2002

Cossacks Heaven Nets Kudos in Recent Review
Posted @ 3:02 AM || Angel ET

Cossack Heaven's Cherub Sharpe novel reader has found a review from PC Zone where we can read and savor their nice complimentary comments about our slice of Heavengames. It's always great when it's made known that we have many very popular game map downloads, one "Waterloo 1815" is approaching 10,000, currently 9800 plus and another is well over the 8000 download mark. These are great and challenging game maps, if anyone hasn't tried them already they are highly recommended. Join the forum discussion Here and read some of quotes and comments on this item.

GSC keeps pumping out the info on Civs in their American Conquest game. Their latest is on the Aztecs. Cossacks Heaven is making every effort to provide a peek at some of the American Conquest units and buildings, so watch for our AC updates.

We acknowledge that our priority is toward EWCossacks addons and the prevailing sequels. Thus we encourage those players who have great Art of War and Back to War Maps, Mods, and instructional strategy in the form of saved games, to please share them with other players by using our downloads medium.