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  News Archive for February 2005

 February 28, 2005

Second part of intro to the Napoleonic Wars
Posted @ 3:38 PM || Sharpe novel reader

The second part of Cherub Marechal's introduction to the Napoeonic wars is now available for you all to read!

During his entire career, Napoleon always remained in the midst of his soldiers. He breathed the same dust and fumes his soldiers did as they marched down the highways of Europe and in battle across the Continent. He was there alongside them as they marched across the regions we know as Spain, Italy, Germany, and Eastern Europe. He was every bit the emperor of the soldiers as he earned their accolades as the Little Corporal. His soldiers loved him as they would their father, but they also feared and respected his power and genius.

You can find the second part here

If you missed part one from last week you can find it here

New Screenshots
Posted @ 2:05 PM || Sharpe novel reader

TheGoodEvil has passed on a number of great new screenshots from CDV, they portray everything from profile creation to a cavalry charge. If you want to catch a glimpse of the beauty that's Cossacks II head over to our gallery now and check out these new screens HERE

 February 26, 2005

Another advert!
Posted @ 2:16 AM || Sharpe novel reader

ViralChart has got another advert for Cossacks II on their site entitled "BOOM!", you should be able to guess why when you see it!
You can check it out HERE

 February 25, 2005

Return of the advert!
Posted @ 5:54 PM || Sharpe novel reader

The brilliant advert feauring a man hitting his wife with a battering ram after she tries to stop him from playing Cossacks is back! The advert is viewable on the official website HERE. If you enjoyed the original advert you'll be glad to see it back simply with the end message tweaked!

Cossacks II Trailer on Gamespot
Posted @ 5:51 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Gamespot now have an official trailor up showing lots of gorgeous in game footage. There isn't much else for me to say except head over there and watch it HERE!

 February 24, 2005

Worthplaying Preview
Posted @ 3:31 AM || Sharpe novel reader

Worthplaying have now received their copy of the preview build and by their comments they seem to be very impressed ith the game. Along with the comments we have quite a nice screenshot of which looks like a farming community.

"Based on what I have experienced, CDV is on its way to yet another technically marvelous wargame that will enthrall click-addicted-twitch-gamers and grognards alike (grognard, the gaming term for an old fashioned strategy/wargamer actually comes from the Napoleonic Era when younger French soldiers called the grizzled veterans "grognard," which equates loosely to "grumpy")."

You can read the whole preview HERE

 February 23, 2005

Game Gossip Interview
Posted @ 11:17 AM || Sharpe novel reader

The swarm of interviews we've had recently continues! Yesterday Game Gossip interviewed Mario Kroll, who is the executive producer at GSC.
The interiew, once again covers the basic ideas of gameplay but also contains a quick history lesson on the period and a description of a recent game they played.

With Cossacks II, we’re adding a more strategic element to the game, much akin to what you’d see in tabletop games like Risk or Axis and Allies. We’ve also added elements of diplomacy and economy to the mix, which will allow players to do nasty things, like poison the wells and cut off enemy food supplies, weakening them before the first shot gets fired.

You can read the whole interview here

 February 20, 2005

Introduction to the Napoleonic Wars
Posted @ 11:54 AM || Sharpe novel reader

Cherub Marechal has been hard at work working on an article about the Napoleonic wars. As is usual for Marechal the article is quite lengthy, so we are releasing it in a number of parts.
This week we have the introduction which quite nicely sets the scene for those of you who know little about this time period.

To see and participate in a battle during 1792-1815 was an experience to never be forgotten. Large, embroidered flags of all colors and designs marked the different units in all the armies. Officers in gold lace with plumed-bicorns and drawn swords led their troops into battle. Hundreds of drummers and large bands in full regalia played popular martial music as men fought each other to the death. Cuirassiers, hussars, and lancers atop well-bred and powerful horses trotted about in their shining helmets, breastplates, and extravagant uniforms of gold buttons and furs. Soldiers in tightly-bunched formations exchanged rolling volleys with their opposites across the field while all this action occurred amidst the dull roar of artillery pieces spewing forth destruction.

You can read the whole of part 1 here. Part 2 will be released next Sunday.

 February 19, 2005

Fench Interview
Posted @ 1:05 PM || Sharpe novel reader

GSC have very kindly given jeux-strategie an interview, of course being a French site its in French! The article provides a couple of nice screenshots of more menus and 1 shows a nice big fortress.

To read the article in French click HERE
To read the article in English using Google translator click HERE

 February 18, 2005

New render artwork
Posted @ 7:16 AM || Sharpe novel reader

CDV have released some more rendered artwork which you can find here. Although these images don't represent the graphics quality of the game itself they are still extremely cool to look at, as they show the actions which will be carried out by various units, including performing the YMCA (Thanks to Iuvenalis Cupido for that interpretation!). So head over to our gallery now and check out some of these nice rendered images.

 February 17, 2005

Horse drawn artillery will be in the game!
Posted @ 12:37 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Over the past few months there has been quite a bit of speculation over whether or no horse drawn artillery would be be in the game. GSC had been having problems with a number of serious bugs and were talking of removing them from the game altogether, however in this screenshot in the bottom right hand corner you can clearly see some rather cool horse artillery!
These units will make it easier or you to carry out a fighting withdrawal as your artillery will be able to stop and fire whilst your unis retreat and then quickly move unlike in the original and American Conquest where you had to move cannons slowly by hand.
Come and discuss this news in our forums here

Mini Game
Posted @ 11:00 AM || Sharpe novel reader

The official website has a cool little mini game for Cossacks II. Its based around the idea of the spot the difference game you can find in puzzle books everywhere. You are presented with 2 pieces of Cossacks II artwork and you have to spot the differences between each image. To try it out click here

 February 16, 2005

New Interview
Posted @ 6:13 AM || Sharpe novel reader

HC Gamer (A Hungarian gaming website) have interviewed Eugene Grygorovych the project lead for Cossacks II.
The interview looks at various different aspects of the game from unit types to the varying types of multiplayer on offer.

"We will provide for as LAN-based game, so as the Internet play. In Skirmish and Battles up to 7 players will be able to join in at a time, sharing the responsibilities of gameplay control among themselves. Additionally, via the Internet you can take part in rating-focused games to seek the prevailance of your nation over Europe. The militiary achievements here will find their adequate reflection graphically on the global map. The mode of fight here is 1 vs 1."

The interview can be found here

 February 15, 2005

Cossacks II Release Date Announced!
Posted @ 2:51 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Finally the day we have all been waiting for is here... or at least announced! The good news is Cossacks II is nearing release, the bad news is that you have to wait at least a month before you can hold your copy in your arms.
Anyhow without any further ado the dates you've been wanting can be found below:

Germany, Austria, Switzerland - 21. March 2005
France - 6. April 2005
UK, Other countries - 8. April 2005
USA - 15. April 2005

 February 14, 2005

Exclusive New Screenshots
Posted @ 2:28 PM || Sharpe novel reader

CDV have very kindly provided us with some exclusive screenshots of Cossacks II, including some of the campaign map and of profile creation.
There are also a number of nice shots of the shell (Online gaming meeting center) which show game rooms for historical battles.

You can check out all the goodies in our screenshot gallery here

 February 11, 2005

Gamespy Preview
Posted @ 3:09 AM || Sharpe novel reader

Gamespy now have a nice shiny preview of Cossacks II on heir front page complete with the usual amazing screenshots! Gamespy once again have heaped praise upon the game saying that as long as it stays as it is and that the MP is polished when the game is released it should be a truely amazing game which most RTS fans will love.

"In fact, after playing the game in single-player mode for a couple of hours, I'm quite intrigued by the many novel, strategic challenges this kind of warfare offers. Unlike games set in earlier or later eras, the object of Cossacks II seems to be as much about breaking the spirit of the enemy as killing them."

Gamespy Preview

 February 10, 2005

New Screenshots
Posted @ 5:33 PM || Sharpe novel reader

I've uploaded some new screenshots of Cossacks II that have been floating around other fansites. They show the "Hit Potential" feature in action and also the new Cossacks II shell. The shell looks to be pretty impressive especially the new "Land War" mode, "Land War" is where you fight for a nation of your choice in an ongoing batle to conquer Europe, its a bit like WW2 Online except with Cossacks!

2 new previews!
Posted @ 5:22 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Gamespot and IGN have both been treated to a preview versionof Cossacks II this week. This enables us to find out even more details about this brilliant game which if it stays on schedule should be released in April.

Gamespot managed to get to grips with the game as they played and found that detailed sections of the game, such as different formations now play a huge part in Cossacks II.
"The column formation allows for rapid marches, especially up roads, but it's poor for combat. By comparison, the rank formation is the ideal battle formation, as the men line up in rows, but it's also a slow-moving formation. And since terrain is never flat, trees and other objects tend to break up your battle lines, which open holes for the enemy. Then there's the square, which is a defensive formation that's useful against cavalry. However, the square is a completely immobile formation, so it's worthless if you want to go on the attack."

The IGN preview provided us ith a nice ammount of information about the "Hit Potential" feature that now plays a big role in the game. "Hit Potential" will allow ou to find out approximatly how many enemies you can expect to kill at various different ranges, this will enable you able to make every volley count!
"Three colored rings (green, yellow, and red) spread out from the formation. The hit percentage will differ depending on what ring the enemies are inside when the attack takes place. For instance, shooting at enemies while they're in the green ring might kill one or two, while firing while the enemy is in the red ring might kill 20-30 at once."

Gamespot Preview
IGN Prevew

 February 6, 2005

Updated Cossacks II Movies
Posted @ 5:48 AM || Sharpe novel reader

This morning I decided to grab hold of all of the current available render movies on the web and upload them to the galery, now we've gone from having just a couple of clips to a grand total of 21 clips!
The new clips include several of the drummer, which reveal that this time round the drummer can fight back rather than be massacred! We have a couple of cool clips of him showing him drawing his sword and then attacking with it.
Anyhow, I guess you all just want to take a look at the nw movies, you can do so HERE

 February 5, 2005

New screenshots on Tiscali Games
Posted @ 5:47 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Tisclai games, a czechoslovakian games website has a number of new screenshots of the new free-form campaign that will be one of Cossacks II's main features.
The screenshots show the general and commanders summary screen, the market screen and a couple of shots of the main campaign map. GSC have decided to continue using the "parchment" style map as seen in Medieva: Total War as opposed to the fully 3D campaign map found in Rome: Total War.

PC Zone Preview
Posted @ 5:33 PM || Sharpe novel reader

In the latest issue of PC ZONE (UK March, issue 152) there is a preview of Cossacks II. The team at PC ZONE managed to get hold of GSC's Oleg Yavorsky for a chat about the games progress. PC ZONE were particularly impressed with the new style freeform campaign and feel that it's the key to making the game sucessful.

The article is quite interesting to read, so if you're in the UK try and pick up this month's issue of PC ZONE.