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  News Archive for February 2004

 February 21, 2004

Microsoft to ship free security CD
Posted @ 7:24 PM || Cherub Gaiseric

Microsoft is shipping a free CD with security patches up to October 2003. This will be extremely beneficial to those with slow Internet connections, or those temporarily without Internet access after a fresh installation of Windows.

For more information, click here.

SNR gets bigger wings
Posted @ 4:52 AM || Cherub Gaiseric

Yup, you heard right... our dear Cherub SNR is now officially Cherub SNR (ET has promised to fix that "Cherub" )! Congratulations on his well-deserved promotion!

 February 19, 2004

More articles!
Posted @ 1:39 PM || Sharpe novel reader

My articles on the British and Spanish are now complete. I am aware that Spain is not being included in Cossacks II but I hought guerilla fighters were too interesting to ignore and they most likely will appear in the Cossacks II expansion anyway. I hope the articles make a great read. Keep a look out for Prussia and Russia coming soon!

Britain - Britain's monarchy and military
Spain - Spain's guerilla forces

 February 18, 2004

Articles are here!!!
Posted @ 1:56 PM || Sharpe novel reader

I have all of the articles nearly finished now. The one on France is now online HERE. It covers Napoleon's rise to power and his eventual fall.
In each of these articles I'm covering a different thread of life in each article to give you a nice variety of the history not just the same stuff altered for each nation. Anyhow enjoy the article and keep a look out for Britain and Spain over the next few days .

 February 1, 2004

New Poll
Posted @ 3:46 PM || Sharpe novel reader

The new poll is up It's more game related this time round asking for your opinions on the global map that the campaign will be based around.
Sorry for the delay on the articles regarding European nations, It's a busy time at school but they should all be appearing by the end of the week.