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  News Archive for February 2003

 February 28, 2003

Cossacks II!
Posted @ 8:29 AM || Sharpe novel reader

CDV has announced the games that will make their dayview this year. Cossacks II is currently set for quarter 3 however please bear in mind that it will most probabaly change drastically! To see the list visit gamespot HERE

 February 21, 2003

War of Independence Contest Starts!
Posted @ 4:32 PM || Sharpe novel reader

The contest has now started! For more details and to see the list of prizes you could win visit

 February 20, 2003

War of Independence Contest Chatroom
Posted @ 3:17 AM || Sharpe novel reader

The official AC competition site has now been given a chatroom for discussing the contest feel free to visit it HERE

 February 17, 2003

Conscript continues...
Posted @ 1:30 PM || Sharpe novel reader

The third part of conscript's review has been released at Webquad. This part features on gameplay and highlights a few of the current problems in AC. To read the third section of the review click HERE

 February 16, 2003

Conscript reviews AC
Posted @ 4:51 AM || Sharpe novel reader

Conscript at Webquad has been reviewing AC in various different categories which are graphics, interface, gameplay and sound. So far Conscript has written two of the articles which can be found HERE and HERE

 February 14, 2003

Todays the day...
Posted @ 2:59 AM || Sharpe novel reader

Well I'm heading off down to my local store in about 45mins every minute of waiting is torture! CDV have also announced there will be radio competitions so I'll be listening to the radio too!

 February 13, 2003 review!
Posted @ 3:08 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Games Radar have a full review of AC. The screenshots in the article are disappointing as they are of very low quality however the review is excellent and even has a number of humorous points which are unusual for game reviews. The review has a nice section about how GSC have made an excellent job of going 2D which can be found below however to read the review click HERE

One quality common to all factions is the artistry lavished on architecture and armies. GSC may have missed the 3D boat but, when their own shipping is so stunning, you can't really blame them for sticking with an isometric view. New larger buildings lend settlements a much more realistic air. Animations, from the collapse of a dying bison to the way an idling mounted officer occasionally pats his steed, are extremely effective. Watching the new visible cannon crews manhandle their guns into position, then go through the detailed loading ritual, is enough to make you think the whole polygonal RTS experiment might actually be a terrible mistake. But that notion passes soon enough as you find yourself struggling with the fixed perspective and the restrictive, two-phase zoom. The rural landscape, despite some lovely babbling brooks, cascading cataracts and shimmering reflections, has that stillness and underlying flatness that will always whisper 'artifice'

1 day to go...
Posted @ 1:19 PM || Sharpe novel reader

The UK launch date is tomorrow and as you can guess I'm highly excited. However today it hit me about how amazing this game has been to me. I have had the opportunity to follow the game through, right from the start when it was going to be an x-pack to Cossacks until now a day before it's launch. In short I've found it truly amazing to watch the game go from ideas, to test builds until the final product. I hope all of you feel the same when I say that following the game has been an amazing experience so far and will no doubt be as fascinating future.

 February 12, 2003

IGN review!
Posted @ 1:31 PM || Sharpe novel reader

IGN have released a review of American Conquest. The review focuses on the many amazing features that AC has to offer including the immense details that GSC has gone into to make the game a true work of art. A section of the interview focusing on the immense detail can be found below but to read the whole article click HERE

The game also models things like shot power and decreased accuracy over distance. You'll even find that garrisoned buildings are more dangerous on the sides that have more windows. It's this kind of intuitive thinking that makes the details fun rather than merely interesting. But while your units can fire in to forts killing the defenders inside, your units can't fire through buildings to hit units on the other side. When it's a fort, it makes sense; when it's a teepee, it seems arbitrarily silly. (It's equally dumb that I can't select a unit behind a building without drawing a box around it.)

 February 9, 2003

7th most visited PC game!
Posted @ 3:39 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Gamespot have American Conquest currently at their 7th most visited PC game slot in their daily updated chart based on hits on various pages. This shows that AC has now found it's place in the gaming charts and I can't wait till next weekend to see how well AC has done in the sales charts

Baddog strikes back?
Posted @ 1:32 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Baddog, is already thinking of a possible mod for American Conquest. At this thread in his forums many ideas have been suggested and Baddog has deemed a few of them worthy of a mod and how he might be interested in working on a mod featuring these ideas. No doubt some time in the future we will be hearing yet again about a seriously awesome mod from Baddog so watch this space!

Gamespot review!
Posted @ 1:28 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Gamespot have given AC 8.4 which means it comes into the "Great" game category. The review features all sorts of info about the game but has a section where it tells you all about the wild animals in the game. That section is featured below :

American Conquest does have a few quirks that are worth mentioning. First, the game has wild animals that wander through the maps. These animals are insanely aggressive and powerful--a single bison can take down several pikemen, for example. Or even worse, that bison can destroy a group of 20 peasants that just happen to walk near it. Even deer will come out of the woods and assault your troops. It's just an extra layer of micromanagement you need to worry about.

To read the rest of the review click HERE

 February 7, 2003

AC hits US shores!
Posted @ 8:07 AM || Sharpe novel reader

American Conquest has finally been released in the US. Alas we in the UK still have to wait till next friday to get our copies! Anyhow guys enjoy your game and hone up your skills because next friday I'll be wanting war!

 February 6, 2003

AC fact machine!
Posted @ 3:39 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Check out this cool link given to us by Cossacks General . The site features a fact machine full of historical facts about what really happened in america

 February 1, 2003

New AC patch!
Posted @ 4:30 AM || Sharpe novel reader

CDV have released patch 1.46 for American Conquest which contains not only game fixes but re-worked game maps with extra features.