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  News Archive for February 2002

 February 22, 2002

Computer and Video Games Reviews the Art of War
Posted @ 8:50 PM || TNK

Computer and Video Games has done a review of the Art of War. From the review:

Although it may not offer an answer to all your Cossacks woes, simply because at the end of the day you're playing within the constraints of the game against a computer with limited AI and not a free-acting, free-thinking human, The Art Of War is still a solid, comprehensive follow up to a great game.

The reviewer gave the expansion pack a 83/100.

New Cossacks Site
Posted @ 2:31 PM || TNK

SavvyPlayer has created a Cossacks Reference site for the Art of War and Baddogs famous mod. According to SavvyPlayer:

The reference has an updated, thorough comparison of each nation in the game, a list of hints & tips for getting the most out of the game, and an interactive unit database available in both German and English.

You can see this great new site here.

 February 13, 2002

Dungeon Seige Heaven Opens!
Posted @ 3:07 PM || TNK

Dungeon Siege Heaven has become the 13th heaven for Heaven Games. Dungeon Siege is a RPG under development by Gas Powered Games. Here is the official press release:

HeavenGames LLC
122 N. Cornell Ave.
Villa Park, IL 60181
Web Site:


For more information contact:
Tom Mescher, CEO

February 12, 2001 - HeavenGames LLC announced today that it has launched
Dungeon Siege Heaven ( ), the first in HeavenGame's
lineup of sites dedicated to Role-Playing Games.

Due in store shelves across America in April 2002, "Dungeon Siege" combines
the immersive elements of a role-playing game with over-the-top intensity and
non-stop action. "Dungeon Siege" plunges you into a continuous 3-D fantasy
world where you face off against an army of evil that has been unleashed. You
begin as a humble farmer, and as you travel through the world and gain new
skills, you can gather a party of up to eight characters to aid you.

"Dungeon Siege" also features the Siege Editor. The editor gives you the
freedom to rework nearly every aspect of the game, making "Dungeon Siege" not
only a game, but also a role-playing platform for those who want to create
their own characters, spells, dungeons - even entire worlds. You can post
these user-created files to Dungeon Siege Heaven, making them available for
anyone to download and explore, or play as a multiplayer game

Dungeon Siege Heaven will be dedicated to featuring extensive coverage of
Dungeon Siege as the game is being developed, and will bring you the latest
news on the game, as well as chats with developers in the forums.

HeavenGames LLC, based in Villa Park, Illinois, is a privately-owned
web-content publisher geared towards the creation of special-interest sites
for Real-Time Strategy and City-Builder games. Its sites, contents, vast
amounts of resources, as well as a dedicated staff & management team make
HeavenGame's sites the premier destination for gamers worldwide.

 February 11, 2002

AoW Review at Total
Posted @ 9:34 PM || TNK

There is a new Cossacks: The Art of War Review at Total Its a positive review, and the reviewer gives the expansion pack an 8.3/10.

 February 8, 2002

The Art of War Released in the UK!
Posted @ 7:45 PM || TNK

The Art of War Cossacks expansion pack is finally availible in stores in the United Kingdom! With over 35 new features, this add-on is a must for any UK Cossacks fan!

Also, the highly anticipated modification created by baddog is finally availible for download at the Cossacks Fanpage. Currently the mod is only for the English and German versions of the add-on, however the French and Russian version should be avalible in the next few days.

 February 7, 2002

World Ranking System in the Art of War
Posted @ 6:25 PM || TNK

The Art of War add-on will come with a "World Ranking systrem", according to CDV. The ranking system will have the following features:

• Players will be able to view the Country, user name, gender, date of birth and clans of an individual player

• Title, trophies, and rank will change as victories are gained

• Constant updates for players so they know where they are in the league

• Players can join a game in progress as a spectator or referee

• Games played can be recorded and sent as an MPEG for others to view

• Customisation of Clan emblems/logos can be put next to the player’s name

• One of the easiest multiplayer games to start

You can get more information here. The Art of War should be availible in United Kingdom stores tomorrow!