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  News Archive for February 2001

 February 27, 2001

Sweet Swedes
Posted @ 9:38 PM || Cherub Samurai

The overview of that good old civilization, Sweden, is up! Here's a sampling of guest writer styrbiorn starke's masterful prose:

The history of Sweden during the time frame of Cossacks is a story of many battles and wars. From 1500, when Sweden was a medieval country, to 1814, Sweden was almost uninterruptedly at war, with some small breaks for peace. Wars were fought against most of the nations represented in Cossacks - Austria, England, France, Holland, Poland, Prussia, Russia, Saxony and Spain. Sweden had important roles in many large wars, such as the Thirty Years' War and the Great Northern War.

Meesa A New Ensemble Game...
Posted @ 4:36 PM || Cherub Samurai

A totally new game by Ensemble Studios has just been revealed! It is going to be called Star Wars Battleground and will be created in co-operation with LucasArts. Here's a press release from LucasArts themselves:


Age of Empires® Developer and LucasArts to Pioneer New Developer/Publisher Relationship; Announce Star Wars® Battleground® for Fall 2001

SAN RAFAEL, Calif. -- February 27, 2001 -- LucasArts Entertainment Company LLC today announced a strategic alliance with Ensemble Studios to develop a new and compelling Real Time Strategy (RTS) franchise for the digital interactive gaming market. The initial release from this cooperative venture, Star Wars Battleground, will be built upon PC-based technology created by Ensemble and used in the highly acclaimed Age of Empires series. Combining the design talents of LucasArts and Ensemble -- including noted designer Bruce Shelley -- Star Wars Battleground will build upon Ensemble’s proprietary engine technology to usher in a new phase in the evolution of the RTS game. Star Wars Battleground is expected to release fall 2001.

Future ventures with LucasArts are envisaged to encompass new technologies developed by Ensemble, weaving increasingly innovative engineering into the core premise of interactive strategic warfare within the Star Wars universe.

“From the first time I played Age of Empires, I knew someday LucasArts and Ensemble should work together to create the ultimate RTS franchise,” says Simon Jeffery, president of LucasArts. “Gaming is evolving rapidly and fewer massively successful games are stumbled upon by accident. The market is more aware of what it wants, and consequently we are providing a marriage of superlative design, consummate technology, and an IP-based gaming universe with which most of the western world is familiar. In short, LucasArts very much views this as the birth of a market leading franchise.”

“All of at us at Ensemble are huge Star Wars fans and we’re very pleased to be partners with LucasArts in creation of Star Wars Battleground,” says Ensemble Studios CEO Tony Goodman. “The passion and talent of the LucasArts team blends well with our Real Time Strategy game expertise to make the Star Wars universe a compelling and fun game experience.”

Sci-fi fans and Agers across the world rejoice!

 February 22, 2001

CDV Hosts "The Cossacks 16 Nation Challenge"
Posted @ 3:19 PM || Angel Zen

If you are 18 years of age or older, live in one of the 16 nations presented in the game, and be able to make your way to London, UK, this one's for you!

"Hear ye, Hear ye, CDV Software is recruiting 16 Players from the Countries outlined below for an all night pre-launch event for the up and coming RTS Cossacks: European Wars.

We need a representative from each of the following Countries to lead their army and to participate in an all night battle at The Playing Fields, London to determine who is the most powerful European Nation of them all.

That's right... it's your chance to make your country proud!"

Do you qualify? Are YOU up to the challenge? [ More ]

 February 20, 2001

Cheat Codes
Posted @ 11:54 PM || Angel Zen

Going through a slow week... today we have the cheat codes up. Did you know there are two other codes that work, besides the two working ones that are currently known? [ More ]

 February 17, 2001

More Eyecandy
Posted @ 4:03 AM || Angel Zen

Feast your eyes on the wonderful unit artwork done by GSC, in the new Units Gallery. If you think those ships looked awesome in game, wait 'till you see them in their full-sized glory!

... 6 more days 'till Sammy comes back...

 February 16, 2001

Turkey Overview up!
Posted @ 4:35 PM || Angel Zen

Stan the Conquistador has submitted a detailed historical overview of Turkey:

The nation known as Turkey was ruled by the Ottoman Turks during the 16th to 18th centuries. The empire peaked in power in the sixteenth century when it was the greatest Muslim empire in the modern era. Their influence even crossed over into Europe. It was the only other point in history other than the Muslim invasion into Spain in the 7th century that Islam seemed to establish a presence in Europe. Their Islamic influence is still very evident today as it was back in the 16th century.

Go check it out!

 February 15, 2001

Heaven To Power Up For Two Hours
Posted @ 11:50 PM || Cherub Samurai

Attention all frequenters of HeavenGames sites! From 11:00 PM EST of February 17 to 1:00 AM EST of February 18, all HeavenGames sites will be down to gain more power. I'm sure you all can survive two hours without us...or can you?

"Rush" To This New GameRush Preview!
Posted @ 11:33 PM || Cherub Samurai

Hey! GameRush has churned out a nice new preview. Here's a little tidbit:

The game play itself is an interesting mix of resource management and strategy. Cossacks certainly plays heavily on the strategic element and the units have been designed to take advantage of this. Unlike other RTS games it's unadvisable to send your men piling into battle without some sort of strategic planning. Each unit type will perform better in certain formations or from strategic vantage points on the terrain. The formation system is an integral part of the game and assuming you have a commander on the battlefield with your troops they can be placed in just about any formation imaginable, from straight lines to protective box formations to protect artillery or command units. The inclusion of the formation system certainly adds to the game's appeal and the developers seem to have have pulled this off very well.

 February 12, 2001

Sneaky Warfare and Technological Advancement in Heaven!
Posted @ 11:50 PM || Cherub Samurai

Hi all! Two great new additions in today, Socrateius' Guerilla Warfare tactics, and Technologies Researched From The Academy! Happy reading!

More Peeks Into The Beautiful World of Cossacks!
Posted @ 9:54 PM || Cherub Samurai

Eurogamer is showing off some very impressive screenshots here! Check it out when you get the time!

 February 8, 2001

Posted @ 10:46 PM || Cherub Samurai

Hey everyone! Daily Radar has posted an interview with Cossacks producer Sergiy Grygorovych (try saying that one ten times fast )!

Buildings, Buildings, Buildings!
Posted @ 10:40 PM || Cherub Samurai

Take a look at all the Cossacks buildings here! Believe me, I was online when Zen uploaded these pics, and it was no picnic for him!

Piedmont and Saxony!
Posted @ 10:18 PM || Cherub Samurai

Come read about two of the great nations of the Cossacks time period, Piedmont and Saxony. Both are written by the fantastic Angel Reckless Rodent!

 February 6, 2001

The British Are Coming! The British Are Coming!
Posted @ 11:50 PM || Cherub Samurai

Read this great article on the good old British by Angel Reckless Rodent here!

GSC asks...
Posted @ 6:01 PM || Angel Zen

GSC, the developers of Cossacks, asks: What would you like to see in add-on in terms of controls and interface? You can help them out with the add-on by giving them your comments & suggestions here.

New Sections In Heaven...
Posted @ 5:42 PM || Cherub Samurai

Today we usher in four new sections to CH! Four new unit sections by Angel Socrateius:

Go here to read up about everyone's favorite grunts, Melee Infantry!

Here is an article about their high-tech cousins, Ranged Infantry!

Go here for those wonderful little horsies, Ranged Cavalry!

Conquer the seas with Cossacks' Naval Units!

And last but not least, check out Cherub Marechal's great write-up on France!

 February 5, 2001

Posted @ 10:28 PM || Cherub Samurai

Eurogamer has put up some fantastic screenshots! View these gems here.

 February 4, 2001

National Pride
Posted @ 10:03 PM || Cherub Samurai

Hey all! A great new article by Barbaran has been released at Cossacks-Fanpages. It describes every nation in the game, from the solid Russians to the generalist Austrians to the offensive Algerians. A must read; see it here.

 February 2, 2001

GameRaiders Preview
Posted @ 10:32 PM || Cherub Samurai

Hey everyone! Another Cossacks preview is out, this time from GameRaiders. These things pop up like halberds during a paladin rush! (Age of Kings humor, for you Citybuilders. ) View the preview now!

 February 1, 2001

WorldCharts Update!
Posted @ 11:38 AM || Cherub Samurai

Hey Cossacks fans! In case you wanted to know how to vote for your favorite game (Cossacks of course ) at World Charts, here is how according to Cossacks Heaven forumer FISHMANPET:

First, you have to become a member, in the upper right hand corner of the screen. The vote button is in a bar at the top. Select PC Games from the menu that pops down. Presto!

Thanks again to FISHMANPET for the help!