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  News Archive for January 2004

 January 22, 2004

Happy Chinese New Year!
Posted @ 1:24 PM || Sharpe novel reader

I know we have a number of forummers from the far east (especially Singapore) so heres just a quick note to say I hope you all have fun celebrating the begining of the year of the monkey!

 January 14, 2004

Cossacks II delayed...
Posted @ 1:51 PM || Sharpe novel reader

We hate bad news especially when it's the news that the long awaited sequel to the excellent game Cossacks:European Wars has been delayed
The news was discovered by Joker II when he read CDV's product lineup for the year only to discover Cossacks II has been moved from 1st Quarter to 3rd Quarter. Obviously as dissapointed as we all must be to know that we won't be battling Napoleon's armies with our valiant redcoats yet we can be glad to know that when we get our hands on the game it is going to seriously rock! With CDV's decision to delay the game GSC is given a greater opportunity to improve the game even more. So all don't be too sad just cross your fingers and dig EW out of your stack of CD's for some Cossacks action to keep you going until the sequel is released later this year.