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  News Archive for January 2003

 January 30, 2003

Posted @ 2:45 PM || Sharpe novel reader

GAME.NET has finally opened and now offers a new way to play cossacks. The site allows you to play games on GAME.NET's own servers. GAME.NET has free and subscription based services, the services are varied to whether or not you choose to subscribe.

 January 28, 2003

New AI pack!
Posted @ 8:04 AM || Sharpe novel reader

Cossacks Tech depot are apparently working on another excellent AI mod pack! The pack will be even better than the current one and the AI will make the AI use even more diverse units than before
To find out more watch THIS SPACE!

 January 26, 2003

Cossacks:BTW Review!
Posted @ 9:22 AM || Sharpe novel reader

It's been a while since we've had cossacks related news but Gamespy has finally got around to reviewing one of the best games of last year...Cossacks:BTW!
The review is split into two sections, one for Cossacks fans and the other for cossacks newbies. An extract from the second section can be found below :

Although Back to War is a standalone product, seemingly to help introduce new players to the series, it has one glaring deficiency holding it back: no single-player campaigns. There's an introductory campaign that acts as an excellent tutorial, but after that -- nothing. The new player is thrown back on his or her own resources.

To read the rest of the review click HERE

 January 24, 2003

The Wargamer Interview
Posted @ 2:08 PM || Sharpe novel reader

The Wargamer has a brand new interview with Oleg Yavorskyy about American Conquest. The interview is pretty interesting as Oleg tells us who AC is targeted at and why. To read the article click HERE

 January 19, 2003

Cossacks Heaven's Second Birthday!
Posted @ 3:46 AM || Sharpe novel reader

I'd just like to say a happy birthday to CH and to congratulate all of it's staff members for making the great little community that we have here Hopefully next year we will again be able to look back at everyones achievements and celebrate CH's third birthday with as much happiness!

 January 18, 2003

AC demo map editor?
Posted @ 4:42 AM || Sharpe novel reader

Natalinasmpf, on the forums has found a way to create AC maps using the cossacks map editor. Hopefully this will help any of yu eager map designers at bay until Febuary 14th. To read more about what she has to say take a look HERE

A special apology to Natalinasmpf for assuming she was a male!

AC gone gold!
Posted @ 3:55 AM || Sharpe novel reader

The momment we have all been waiting for has occured! Now we can be left to count down the days until we head out to the stores, buy the game and lock ourselves in for hours of playing!

Quoted from the CDV newsletter :

American Conquest - due for release on February 14th, 2003 - portrays 300 years of historical conflict in North America. From the moment Columbus arrived in Newfoundland to 1492 to the War and Declaration of Independence in 1776, this game covers it all. Up to 32,000 units - a gaming record - can take part in each battle, resulting in some of the most sophisticated and epic depictions of war ever seen in a computer game. The game is unique as an educational tool as well as a great strategy game: it utilizes historically accurate weapons and strategies of the period at hand, which evolve throughout the game

 January 13, 2003

Posted @ 1:06 PM || Sharpe novel reader

A new demo for AC has been release which now allows you to play as England or USA. The demo can be found at the official CDV AC tournament website HERE

 January 11, 2003

Another AC preview!
Posted @ 4:22 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Yet another AC preview has been released, this time by Computer and video games. The preview certainly makes a great deal about the army sizes talking about their impressiveness but also remarks that this means your army is harder to control. To read more click HERE

 January 10, 2003

New American Conquest Wallpapers and Screenshots!
Posted @ 8:11 AM || Sharpe novel reader

A horde of new screenshots and wallpapers have been released on the American Conquest website HERE. The most impressive screenshots show the huge armies that you can field in American Conquest and will make even people who have the game drool at the sight of them

 January 9, 2003

American Conquest Tournament!
Posted @ 1:44 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Probabaly one of the biggest tournaments held by a developer ever is about to arrive! American Conquest which is set to be one of the best games this year is the chosen game. The finalists will end up head to head in games in Los Angeles where they are going to be playing for huge prizes! For more informations click HERE!

 January 6, 2003

News0r Preview!
Posted @ 1:37 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Another preview of American Conquest has been released at News0r! To read it just click HERE The article focuses on almost every aspect of the game and anyone unsure of what each feature in game is about should check this out :D
The most important piece of the article I found was about diplomacy. Personally I have only dabbled in it however the article makes sure to list all of it's uses and I'm sure I will amke far more use of it in the future!

 January 4, 2003

More updates!
Posted @ 1:52 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Today we see another load of updates! The Links section and "contact us" section have both had minor changes. However the major update today is an excellent article on the battle of waterloo by Cherub marechal which can be found HERE

GSC re-design forums
Posted @ 11:05 AM || Sharpe novel reader

GSC's forums have been redesigned so that they look even better, have more features and are even faster than before! GSC's forums are located on their website HERE

 January 3, 2003

Site Updates
Posted @ 1:27 PM || Sharpe novel reader

Today 2 new articles have been uploaded to the site which are written by our very own Cherub Gaiseric. They take the form of a 17th century naval strategy guide and a military guide to defeat Algeria. These articles can be found HERE